Photoshop: Custom brushes organization/sub-menus

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Could we have a custom brushes quad menu to access customizable sub folders.
Please see discussion regarding custom brushes here:

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Posted 6 years ago

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Also, I wanted to point out this other related discussion on the topic:
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Requesting an update to the preset manager.
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Hi, I too have big problems with the brush palette. It hasnt been updated for years and today most artist I assume likes to have the entire brushpalette they use in one single palette.

ANyway, I wrote these suggestions on the Adobe forums:
First of all, the actual representation of Brushes.
I personally like to have my entire brush library in one file, not swap between brush files when sketching, painting and so on, because I like to use all of my brushes with instant accessability.
But, it is SO hard to find the brushes. Especially because the generated icon most often doesnt represent the brushes look and behaviour at all. So often I do end up using just a few of them, because I don ́t remember and have to spend time looking for for those I havent used for a while.
This is how my brush palette looks:

You can clearly see how this is confuzing. I ́ve tried making some small brushes to show myself were the different paint, sketch, splatter, tree brushes etc are located. But it only helps so much.
Wouldn ́t it be a very nice feature if you could at least give them some visual prepresentation ? For example, you could colorize brushes the same way you can on layers. I would actually find it more useful on brushes than on layers.
Just look at this:

Also, I don ́t understand a couple of the features that are present. Currently when you right click you can select a brush, and if you hold down alt you can delete and ctrl to rename. But to move the brushes around you have to go into the Preset Manager. VERY OFTEN my wacom tablet locks itself so that when I select the next brush it Deletes it before I have time to react. And this has been a problem in photoshop on all the wacom tablets I ́ve tried. So I need to make sure to have the latest copy of my brushes always available to load up again.
In my honest opinions, you shouldn ́t be able to delete the brush from the right click brush panel. That ́s somethign you definately should only be able to do inside the manager or at least it shouldnt lock itself on the pen to autodelete the next time you click a brush. But MOVING the brushes on the other hand, should definately BE POSSIBLE in the right click menu. Because you want to try out the brush you want to move. Since this is like a palette, you need to test and then group them so that they stay in order. It ́s very annoying that you have to test the brush....then try to REMEMBER the location of that brush - go into the preset manager and try to find it, and then try to remember the location you wanted place it in. Do you see how difficult and tedious this is ?

I hope someone at Adobe reads this and consider to make some improvements to this menu.

PS! and another annoying this, is that if a brush is larger than a 1000px the leaps on the size slider suddenly jumps to 10x the amount. So its very hard to make a brush 1400 up to 1500 etc..
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Photoshop - Brushs.

A window that the brushes stay longer used by the user faster and affordable in the production of their work, we could put any brush in the window.
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My custom brush manager. I've spent quite a bit of time developing this over the last few months by myself. I hope that artists find it useful. Thanks.
Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC Extension - drbjr Custom Brush Manager
Management/Organization of Brush-Presets/Tool-Preset Libraries. 10 fully customizable brush favorites used with quick buttons/hotKeys.
Short Demo here:
Or In my Da journal:

Link to buy "Paypal or credit card" :
1. Unzip
2. Unzip Installation/Documentation - Follow Installation Video/Text

View/download contents as needed:
Extended DEMO Video:
Any updates to Documentation:
Brush Library Hub -Updated Often with new brushes-:

External Panel Close ups:
Icon Descriptions:
Saved Set Examples:

You can also set up 1 on 1 help via Skype if anyone needs it. Just email me to set something up.
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Hi, as I do a lot of retouchings and do dodge and burn on soft light layers I always zoom in and out to see the complete picture and the texture and for every zoom level I resize my brush to make it appropriate for the zoom level I use. Having a relative brush size option for the brush would be an awesome feature for retouchers (Like the brush stays the same size for all zoom levels).
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I know it not yet Christmas but....

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish for a better organization of brushes.


I Promice to be a Nice and help everyone in need...
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Adobe please create better brush organization already. Currently a visual mess to organize. People have been asking for years
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Everyone, I am working on a plugin for this!  It is very close to being ready to show off, and I'll be looking for beta testers.  Sit tight!  I'll update within the next few weeks about getting a beta test going.  I can't wait to get this into your hands.

Here's a teaser snippet of the UI showing three brush sets loaded into their own folders.  You can move brushes around, make new folders, color code them, and more!  Stay tuned for more info.

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You guys can track my updates in the other thread here:[s...

And here's a gif showing some of the basic features =)

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Official Response
Brush Presets folders and subfolders are a feature in the current version of Photoshop CC (19.x or later)
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Unfortunately Brushes folders are not fully scriptable. You have access only to brushes in most cases, so can't move some brush from one folder to other by a script or do some other things...
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Jeffrey, you guys DELIVERED! My workflow has sped up tenfold. BIG BIG thank you to you guys, very much appreciated!