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A more complete, feature rich and organised guide system is needed in Photoshop.
Starting from the most simple guide system, the shift key.
Using the brush while holding shift shouldn't be limited to 90 degree angles but it should be able to snap to any number of angles i need. The user would specify beforehand the angle or list of angles he/she will be needing.

Paths already work as guides but only to brush onto them. Paths should influence brush strokes around them make them conform more or less to the direction of the path, but not necessarily make them stick directly to it. That should be a threshold option. "Conform to path"

The grid should also have more options, triangular, hexagonal, or a custom grid to which my brush strokes would snap to. Even a custom lineart would be nice to have so that you can trace it freely. Again a threshold is needed on how strong the snapping is. This threshold would allow for more artistic and loose strokes when drawing with guides. Conforming to a general direction but not snapping necessarily.

A perspective system would also help a lot when drawing, where i could select the perspective plane to which my brush strokes would conform to and ofcourse have more than one.

These are some things i needed while trying to draw. Please share any additional ideas you have on this subject and vote if you agree these should be implemented into Photoshop!!
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