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Hi from Perú :) I have been using Lightroom for a couples of years, and I love it. I'm a wedding photographer and I usually edit 2000 o 3000 photos at once. Always great workflow BUT I would love to have the choice to CROP the photo in the Library Module. Why? Because you edit one photo in the Develop M. then paste de settings to another 1000 photos, and then check them in the Library one by one, but every 10 o 20 photos there's usually one that needs a little cropping and it's kind a waste of time to go the develop (even with the shortcuts). Just an idea :) Thanks!
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Posted 8 years ago

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I'm surprised this isn't an option even after eight years. I'm in the same boat as Jano where I shoot loads of photos and sometimes I just want to go through and just crop. Unfortunately, the develop module doesn't perform quite as snappy as the library module so the process is slowed.
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The Quick Develop panel in the Library module does have a Crop function.
All the Ratio options are there, which can be batch applied to all selected photos in the Library Grid.
Unfortunately, only the Crop tool in the Develop module will give you freehand cropping, which needs the [R] and [G] keyboard shortcuts to swap modules. (not to forget 'Auto-Sync' in the Dev module)
So yes, the idea from Jano is still not possible, (and only has 3 votes in 8 years).

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Mike, the number of votes is an indication for Adobe how popular a request is. This request has a whopping three votes in eight years, so it is no surprise that this is at the very bottom of the list.
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Most users are not on this site, and most people here don't know about voting for ideas. And I'd guess that most people think that's a stupid way to determine what features are added. Just saying.
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Most people aren't so stupid that they imagine that a vote count is how Adobe determine which features are added. Johan's point is that relative to other feature requests, this idea has little popularity.
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Exactly. Counting the votes is a way to see how popular an idea is, but it is obviously not the only thing that is taken into account by Adobe. What people often forget is that some ideas are fairly easy to implement, while other ideas would require a major rewrite of the application. That is clearly also why some ideas are implemented, while other (more popular) ideas might not be. Unfortunately for the OP, this idea has not only little popularity, it probably also would require a major rewrite.