Lightroom: Crop lock reverts when changing to next picture

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Sometimes (seems to be random) after unlocking and locking the crop perspective in one picture and then moving on to the next image, the crop perspective is unlocked again when cropping the next image (despite having relocked the perspective in the previous image). Is there anyway to keep the crop perspective lock the same when moving to another image?
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I think Rikk's suggestion will fix it for awhile, but you'll still probably be confused as to why it keeps happening without some more explanation, so this is what I've found in my Lr use over the years.  I believe it's correct, but if someone else has a more authoritative answer, hopefully they'll jump in...

The aspect lock state is saved per image, so when you go back to an image later, that state is preserved.  That part makes perfect sense.

Where it gets confusing is what happens when you're going through images that have never had a crop setting applied to them.  In this case, Lr appears to default to whatever state the lock was in the last time a save was made, but only when a save was made to an image that previously had no crop changes applied.

For example, import a batch of new images, select one, go into Develop, open the Crop tool, turn off the lock, crop the image however you want and click Done.  Now, any of the other new images you use the crop tool on will default to unlocked as well because the last lock state was unlocked.  Again, seems logical enough.

Now here's the weird part.  If you go back to that same image you just cropped, and change the crop & lock state, it doesn't reset the default.  When you use the crop tool on any of the unedited images, the lock state will still be unlocked.

As Rikk said, if you use the crop tool on any of the other unedited images and change the lock state to locked, that will reset the default, so now any of the remaining unedited images will default to the locked state.

Head spinning yet?  As I mentioned earlier, that's the behavior I've identified over the years.  It may look random when you've got some images that have the crop setting saved, some that don't and a default behavior that's changing based on previous saves, but it really isn't.

Whether this is intentional and/or makes sense is a different story.  For my workflow, it would be better if the state was always locked by default, but I would imagine others might like it the way it is.

Once you understand what's going on though, the solution is pretty easy.  If it's not defaulting the way you want, do what Rikk said - go to an unedited image, toggle the lock and click Done.  That should reset the default until the next time it gets changed.