Photoshop CC 2015: Why is crop is not working (on document with Artboards)

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I can select and crop area but it fails to commit. Same result using the checkmark in stead of enter, changing tool mode and resetting the tool. What am I missing?

I'm running Photoshop 16.0.0 on OSX 10.10.4
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Posted 4 years ago

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I think I just figured out my problem, which could be yours?

I created a web file from the startup box, and it has an Artboard by default. Artboards are new in Photoshop CC if you have been using CS6. You have to use the Artboard tool (nested with the move tool) to adjust the image dimensions.

Something I don't really have time to read up on right now. I would rather just edit the image in CS6 because I'm strapped for time, but it's really buggy now that CC in installed on the same machine.
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I updated my Photoshop CC 2015 in the middle of December 2015 and I seem to have issues associated with the artboard.

Artboards seem to be my default document type
When I create a new document, regardless of the 'Document Type' I choose, it always behaves like an artboard.

Photoshop CC 2015 Crop Tool not working

I can't crop images

  • When I choose the 'Crop Tool', the cropping toolbar is disabled (it is 'grayed out'). I can't click on the toolbar at all.

  • When I click on the Crop Tool, I can only manually resize the document (in the same way you would resize an artboard). I can't actually crop the image.

Tools are accessible BEFORE you even create a document
I don't think this was possible in previous versions but when I haven't created a new document and just have an empty workspace, all of my tools are clickable and available. Of course, they're all unusable because there is nothing to paint on, crop or render in the workspace.

Photoshop CC 2015 Broken Toolbar

This could be a partial solution or fix
When I create a new document (regardless of the Document Type), the first thing I do is head over to the 'Artboard Tool' (this is nested with the 'Move Tool').

In the toolbar at the top, I go 'Set Artboard Behaviors' (the gear icon) and uncheck everything, i.e. uncheck 'Auto-nest layers', 'Auto-resize canvas', 'Keep relative position'.

Try turning off the Artboard behaviors

After this, I can access the Crop Tool and the cropping toolbar.

This seems to work for me, and I'm working on Windows.

However, having said that, when I hit "Ctrl" + "0" OR "Ctrl" + "1", my document isn't always centered in my workspace.

It's good enough for what I'm trying to accomplish. Hopefully this will help you too.
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Synergy service was causing my problem

Something went sideways in synergy and was causing a key to potentially seem locked to photoshop.  Noticed i was also having problems with text selection in my browser as well.  Stopped the service and now everything is normal again.
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Another thing to check on also is your settings.  over on the right side of the screen there is a drop down that has different items that includes Essentials.  Sometimes it saves the working area at the last setting you were using.  Click on the drop down arrow and select Essentials and your crop tool will come back on your pallet on the left.  You can also go to "Window" click on "Workspace" and select the Essentials setting there.  It usually has "(Default)" next to it. 
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You're a lifesaver, Timothy.  I'd been playing with 3-D, out of no more than idle curiosity without realising that I would have to do anything to go back to normal.  I clicked on Essentials in the dropdown and now all is well again.