Lightroom: Create new folder in import dialog doesn't refresh the underlying directory tree panel

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Hi, Software: Lightroom 5.5Platform: Mac OS X 10.9.4 (I think I have the problem since 10.8+ and LR 5.0)Step to reproduce:Import photosPick a drive, and a directory in the Destination panelClick on (+) on the panel titleCreate a directory inside the selected directoryClick ChooseThe view of the current tree structure doesn't refresh with the change.Workaround: close the import window and re-open.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom, Import, Create New Folder = fail.

During the import process, in the Destination tab, if you right-click and do "Create New Folder", an Explorer window turns up. Having done "New folder" in that window, and selected it, it does not appear in the folder list back in Lightroom. In addition, some users might type the name of the folder and the button says "Select Folder", so when they hit that it says "Path does not exist".

You need to overhaul this dialog box so it defaults to creating a new folder rather than the user having to select it in the bar above, and also ensure Lighroom offers it up when the dialog box closes.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled (Lightroom CC 2015) Adding new folder in import window not working correctly.

OS: windows 7 pro SP1 64 bits.
spec: 8GB ram, I5-2520M cpu @ 2.50Ghz
Application: Lightroom CC 2015 release: 2015.1.1 camera raw 9.1.1
Steps to reproduce:
1. open import window by clicking "import..."
2. select photo's you want to import (in my case, from an SD)
3. make sure you use "new photos" filter
4. open the destination options
4A. deselect the checkbox "into subfolder"
4B. go to another folder than the currently selected folder
4C. click right on the parent and select the "create new folder" option
4D. in the windows explorer popup window click the button "create new folder"
4E. name the folder "09. September"
4G. highlight/select the folder (so that it looks highlighted in blue)
4E. make sure that the folder name is entered automatically in the textbox "folder"
4F. add the button "select folder"
4G. the pop-up closes
expected result:
5. you can see the subfolder, it's selected and you can import into it.
actual result:
5. the newly created subfolder is not visible/selectable in LR import window.

workaround: close lightroom & restart.
side note: this does not always happen, every now and then the subfolder IS visible.
ratio of 1(successes)/20(fails)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled LIGHTROOM - New Folders Do Not Show Up in Import Destination Panel.

When I am importing photos into a catalog from a memory card, I am sometimes forced to create a new folder (in addition to creating a subfolder).

I click the plus sign on the destination panel. A Windows explorer panel opens a I create the new folder, rename the new folder, and then select the folder and click "Select Folder".

The new folder does not appear in the drive listing on the destination panel but if I add my subfolder (checkmark and text at the top of the destination panel) and import the images they are exactly in the correct location.

Obviously, if I exit from Lightroom (just going out of and back into Import does not help) and restart Lightroom, the folder is there when I open the Import Dialog.

As it kind of works, it is not a major issue but it is unnerving to perform the import when you cannot check where the destination really is.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom 4: Importing to new folder doesn't work properly.

When you import new images from say a CF card, LR4 allows you to create a 'new folder' to dump those images into... but it doesn't.

LR4 doesn't see the new folder you've just created. To see it, you have to close LR4 and start the process again - it then sees the new folder.

I simply cannot believe this got through Beta :/
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled LIGHTROOM: Making a new folder in the Import dialog.

Making a new folder in the Import dialog is confusing. When you click the + icon next to "Destination" in the right-hand pane, and select "Create New Folder...", you simply go to a file browser.

That's confusing. What am I supposed to do there?

If I type the name of the folder that I want to create, it says "Path does not exist. Please try again". Yeah, but I'm CREATING a folder, aren't I? Of course the path doesn't exist, I expect LR to CREATE it then!

Anyway, apparently you have to click "New folder". And type the name of the new folder. And then... What? Select Folder? Well, no. The folder does get created on the filesystem, but it doesn't appear in the folder list. So I'm not sure what happens there...

It appears the Create New Folder thing doesn't do jack. A folder just simply has to exist before going into the Import module. Period. This is quite a bug, because it looks as if a feature is there, but it's not doing a thing.

This is what should happen:
1) Click the + next to Destination and select "Create New Folder..."
2) Type the name of the new folder and hit Enter.
3) DONE: the folder gets created AND selected in the folder list.
4) There is no step 4.

Please fix this in the next dot-release.
This was on LR52 on Win7.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled LightRoom: During import unable to see "new Folder" in Destination panel until cl....

As I download my images from my card to computer via Lightroom 5, in the File renaming box, I choose the name for the files, and then in the Destination I choose the location to save to. However, if I make a new folder, by right clicking with in the LR Destination panel and selecting create new folder, it does not show that folder until and unless I close lightroom and reopen it. It used to show that new folder without needing to close lightroom first. It is annoying and takes more time. Perhaps it was an oversight, so I thought I would let you know. I am on a PC with Windows 7
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom bug: Cannot create new folder in Import Destination panel.

When importing, the Destination panel has a "+" button which expands to "Create New Folder". Under WIndows 7 that opens a "Create New Folder" window with the cursor on a useless "Folder:" field (useless because typing in your desired folder name there does not produce the desired result).

A folder can be created by using the "New folder" button on that window. However Lightroom then fails either to select the new folder, or to offer it in the list of folders on the import panel.

This bug has been around for a while and has been reconfirmed in v5.2.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Import bug creating a new folder in Lightroom 5.0.

Bug in Lightroom 5.0:
During Import, I created a new folder. The new folder did not appear on the folder list for the Destination on the righty hand panel and therefore I could not import into this new folder.
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Official Response
This issue was fixed in Lightroom 6.12/CC2015.12. Let us know if you are still seeing the issue after updating to the latest version.