Photoshop CS5: Crash on rectangle select tool (Mojave)

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I've been using Photoshop CS5 on my macbook pro for years now and Id like to keep doing so, but suddenly when I try to use the select tool it crashes. I know the new stupid Mac update, Mojave, has been breaking different apps including photoshop and I believe this started around the time I updated (before I knew it was breaking things). Is there any way I can fix this or do I just have to live with it and get pissed off every time I forget and try to use it losing all my progress?
Edit: Apparently now its crashing if I click the corner to resize the window too, the pen tool (which is the tool I use the most), probably more except I cant keep it open long enough to find out.
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I hate to bump a post but its been a week and Im still extremely frustrated with this problem with no way to fix it.
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Hard to say. CS5 was not designed to run on Mojave. 

Two things:

Try setting the Accessibility Settings for Photoshop: Pen pressure does not work and busy cursor displays while painting

Try the basic troubleshooting steps here: (Specifically try disabling Use Graphics Processor - Restoring Preferences is another good one to try)

Other than that, updating to the current version, which does support Mojave, is an option.
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The Accessibility is something that was already done to get it to work with one of the first versions of Mojave. 
Basic troubleshooting isn't really helpful, this seems like something deeper in the program than I can do at this point. I tried the preferences reset too which didn't fix anything. 
I finally found how to contact support directly and they were utterly useless. Basically when I said Im having a problem with CS5 and Mojave being compatible I was just told they're not compatible. Asking for help they said they can't help with this issue and to try the forums here which hasn't been helpful either (thank you for trying though)
I think theres absolutely nothing I can do to make CS5 work on my laptop again sadly besides find someone to make an unofficial patch somehow. 
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We are all in the same boat.  The best piece of advice I have gotten from anyone in the forums is to have a dedicated older mac that you can't update the OS on  (anything from back in the Big Cat OS days is good), install the Adobe Creative suite on it, and use that as a dedicated photoshop machine.  Sorry there isn't any good news to give.  Some things that help a little besides working around the known crash inducing tools, is running photoshop through general preferences in light appearance mode rather than dark.  Delete user installed fonts through Font Book, which is a bit extensive.  and Erik Allen posted a great hack for getting the text tool to work again.  I am copying and posting it here, but he gets all the credit.

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I found the answer yesterday, after sleuthing a few days, but I can't remember the site right now.  Tried several different "fixes",  but this is the only one that worked for me.

What version of PS CS5 are you on?  

You need to be on 12.0.4, or better. NOT 12.0.  12.0.4 apparently fixes the Text Tool crash.

You can download the update from Adobe: ""

The issue is that the Adobe Install apps from CS5 won't work in Mojave (change on Adobe's server? I read). Installing a fresh download .dmg of Master Collection CS5 from Adobe has the same issue. This is also why the Adobe Application Manager automatic updating app isn't working, but will still conveniently tell you what's missing and provide a link as to where to find it.

 But there is a way that works that's actually kinda easy.

Download the updates from Adobe, if you don't have them.

1) Open the .dmg file.
2) Open the enclosed folder until you get the "AdobePatchInstaller" app (with the red adobe box logo), but DON'T click on the icon.
3) Instead, right-click (or, Control-click) to the fly-out menu and select "Show Package Contents".
4) Drill down to "".
5) Go to Applications/Utilities/Terminal, and open the "Terminal" application.
6) Drag and Drop the "AdobePatchInstaller" file from the MacOS Folder into the open Terminal window.
7) Hit "Enter".

It should now load fine. Just do the Adobe install as normal from this point.

Anyway, that fixed it for me. I did it twice just to double-check.

There's still a minor annoyance I haven't found a fix for yet. It seems to corrupt some of smaller the UI elements of Photoshop (the little arrows in the Character panel's drop-down menus that let you change the font and size, as one example). The menus still pop up and work, they just have a scrambled meaningless graphic where the button was. In other places too–some filter control panels, I've found. These are the only two things Ive done since yesterday, so I'm sure there's more, but the actual tools still seem to work.