Crap is crap.

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I have a BIG problem with Adobe's assumption that crappy fancy-featured software is better then fully-functional basic software. There's an entire enterprise within Adobe built upon all the bugs in CC. That's crap. Crap is crap. Good software is good software and crap is crap. You guys (Adobe) might think your fancy crap is wonderful but it's fancy crap, IT'S NOT WELL-WRITTEN, WELL-ENGINEERED SOFTWARE.


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  • ripped off and frustrated.

Posted 3 years ago

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Ellwood Nonnemacher

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I have been using Photoshop since Photoshop 1.0.  Over the years I have seen exactly what the OP is talking about.

Continually adding new stuff and while degrading the fundamental function of the product.  It has degraded to a point that any small operating system update (no matter Windows or OS X) something breaks in some very fundamental function of the product.

If this was some $20 dollar app you got online or in some app store, you would say oh well, it's a $20 app, what do you expect.

Photoshop was once premium product that was worth the premium price.  These days, however, I feel I am paying for the quality and service of a BMW and getting a Yugo.
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But for what it's worth, here's your alternative. Feel free to try out GIMP. You'll be paying for a bicycle and getting a YUGO.
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To Ellwood
I have had every adobe product since adobe4 but like a lot of people I have not gotten onto CC in any form one reason is "I like what I can do with Adobe CS6". I am on a very limited pension so will not pay adobe or any other program monthly fees for CC products. I have forked out thousands over time and think that enough is enough on these bludgers wanting to look like they are giving you something with some sort of love. yes! love for your bank balance.
That is what I think at my age and what I am able to do at 79 yrs young.