Could I sync my entire lightroom catalogue to mobile?

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I have a large LR catalogue of photos collected over the last few years - they are primarily stored in a folder structure - first a folder for the year, then one for the month, then the day and name of the activity. Currently I don't use collections very much (usually only temporarily right before I export some for sharing etc) but have just upgraded to the LR and PS Creative Cloud Photography Bundle and am playing around with all the cool new features like LR Mobile on my iPad.
Since photos sync'd to Lightroom Mobile do not count towards my adobe cloud storage, could I simply mirror my folder structure as "Collections", and mark all of the collections to sync with Lightroom Mobile? That way my entire catalogue is stored in the cloud and I can access it from anywhere, on the web or via the mobile apps. And it'd be free and unlimited.
On the iPad I wouldn't mark all of the collections as "Enable Offline Editing" of course because that would download a ~1MB Smart Preview for each image and quickly suck up the entire free space on the iPad. But having access to all of the photos while on the road would indeed be nice, that way I always have my entire collection with me.

I'm just wondering if there is anything I have got wrong, like my assumptions about the "Sync to Mobile" collections not counting towards the storage limit... or if this would be a blatant abuse of the cloud system set up by Adobe... or something else I am not sure about, like:
- Is there indeed a limit to the number of collections/images/data that can be sync'd to Mobile
- I know that initially only thumbnails are downloaded to LR Mobile on the iPad - these wouldn't take up much room. But once you view an image it downloads the ~1MB Smart Preview. If I then don't open this image for a while would it revert back to a thumbnail (i.e. deleting the Smart Preview after uploading any changes made) to save space?
- If I mark a collection (i.e. an individual day's shots) as "Enable Offline Editing", make edits, let it sync and mark it as "Disable Offline Editing" will it then delete the Smart Previews from the device again to save space?
- I'm not sure how LR Mobile would look with a large number of collections like this. Is there a folder structure in LR Mobile - as in, does it store Collection Sets etc?
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Yes you could, I've had my entire catalog synced at times. There probably is a cap but it's so high no one's ever hit it.

There's a clear cache button in the Preferences pane that would allow you to delete those 1MB's that aren't set for offline use.

There's no hierarchy of collections - that's the only downside here - so you could end up with a fair bit of scrolling.