Corrupt iPhone files if I import directly into Lightroom 5 from iPhone and USB.

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Lightroom 5 has been having problems importing images from my iPhone 5s. It repeatedly says it can't import files because they may be corrupt, or that it failed to import files because it couldn't connect to dynamic link. I'd say mostly .mov files are affected with the latter error. After multiple tries to import each files on my iPhone, the import will eventually finish, but the files then appear corrupt- with blocks of lines and colors in random places. .jpg files look blocky and the .mov files are choppy with lines and blocks cutting in. I can sometimes see a change in the thumbnail as I click on some iPhone imported images. The thumbnail will look perfect, but then when I click on the image it will morph into a half normal, half corrupt image.

Here's what baffles me- If I upload my files from my iPhone to a watched folder on my computer via dropbox (used both wifi sync and usb cable), the very same files will import perfectly into lightroom. This leads me to believe that it's not my phone or the files or even the usb cable. Not sure if it's related or not, but in case it is, at the import screen Lightroom 5 is not recognizing that the files in the watched folder (which were uploaded from my iphone via dropbox) have already been imported previously (and have not been deleted) even though the metadata is exactly the same. I've experimented all day and even tried my husband's phone and his files were corrupt when I imported directly into lightroom from his phone but not if I uploaded the files first through dropbox. I hope that makes sense! The dropbox workaround is OK, but I would really like to eliminate that extra step and just make sure lightroom doesn't start corrupting all of my files.

I have a mid 2010 macbook pro with OSX 10.9.4 and all updates are complete. I have photoshop/bridge cc and photoshop cc 2014 installed if that matters. Not sure what else is relevant...

Here's some of what I've tried after reading about similar (but not solved or exactly the same) issued: I changed permissions on the Lightroom 5 contents folder in case dynamic link needed permission to connect (??). I then deleted dynamic link and DL manager in case those files were bad. I have deleted lightroom and reinstalled it. I ran disk utility for my macbook pro and repaired some permissions (didn't seem connected, but what do I know...). I'm at a loss here. I've seen some people with the same problem, but with their RAW files, and my Canon 5d Mark ii RAW files and .mov files are perfectly in tact. This hasn't always happened. I'd say the last month or two I've had a hard time importing in one try from my phone, but just recently actually LOOKED at those files and realized that lightroom had ruined them. I know they're just cell phone files, but they've got precious videos of my little ones... Solutions are appreciated!!
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Posted 5 years ago

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Same here.
Laura's report couldn't be explained better.

- happen 90% of the time with .mov files , Needed to relaunch 6 times the import process to import all movies among pictures,

- and for jpg pictures : 100% are corrupted.
horizontal or vertical glitches.
Here's a screenshot of an imported pic in 'Development' view.

Both original image, and dynamic snapshot (and 1:1 preview) are affected.

- I have also a few images (5%) with a LR message saying 'this file seems corrupted.
See screenshot (sorry , GUI is is french)

LR 5.6 build 974614, OSX 10.9.4

Please help ! LR is corrupting files here, while saying everything is ok
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No response to this? Hard to believe, given how serious a problem it is!

I'm in search of the best way to *reliably* and (ideally) automatically sync my iPhone/iPad photos with Lightroom on my Mac. I use Lightroom Mobile on both, but find it to be slow and unreliable.

Any other thoughts?