Copy to / Add to a Collection missing in LR Classic CC

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Let me Copy to / Add to a Collection in Lightroom Classic CC, as I can in LR Mobile.

Currently, as silly at it sounds, there is no Copy to / Add to command in LR Classic CC to add a photo to a Collection.

When one or more photographs are selected in Grid view there's no contextual nor menu command for Copying / Adding to a Collection in LR Classic CC.

I can drag those photos to a Collection, but that's not enough. I have to scroll and find the Collection and I lose the current view as well, when drag 'n' dropping.

What am I expecting:

Copy to / Add to a Collection as a contextual menu

When I've selected one or more photographs in Grid view, I'd like to add them to a Collection with a contextual right-clicking mouse button or using a menu command.

I'd like to see at least Recent Collections (as I'm most often adding photos to a Collection made just recently, not to a Collection made years ago and not accessed since), but it wouldn't hurt me to be able set Favorite Collections (as you can with Folders) and have those as an target option as well.

Thanks for listening, happy developing and cheers!
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Posted 11 months ago

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Have you tried the short cut "B"? With the collection being set as the Target Collection, hitting the B key will add it to the Collection. Works for single/multiple selections in Grid view. Also works in loupe view on singles

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Yes I know it, and sometimes use it as a way to get photos to a predefined Collection other than Quick Collection. But, that means repetitive steps with setting Target Collection away from and back to Quick Collection (if you like to keep the shortcut "B" referring to Quick Collection, as I do).

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Would like to see best LR Mobile features arrive to LR Desktop – just didn't think a basic action like Copy to / Add to a Collection would be one of those best things, heh!
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The menu already exists, but it is in a different place. After you've selected the images, right-click on the collection you want to add them to. The third menu from the botton is 'Add Selected Photos to this Collection'.
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I did acknoledge this work-around, but it's not what I suggested as your command doesn't live in the context menu:
I can drag those photos to a Collection, but that's not enough. I have to scroll and find the Collection and I lose the current view as well, when drag 'n' dropping.
You're right that actually I won't lose my current view but as I'm already having thousands of Collections it's a real pain to scroll those Collections up and down on the left panel. It would be much better to have the Recent Collections in a contextual menu.
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I know exactly where you are coming from.
The Library is great but it should save you time both cataloguing and finding,

In either in loupe or grid view to select a photo/photos, right click and see:
Add to a collection - then select a collection from a drop down menu and add the images to that collection.
By staying in the original view you might then want to add the images or some of them to other collections as well.
e.g 1st add might be Campdrafts ( it's an Aussie thing)
2nd add could be Candids.
3rd Chlldren

The current method id means you have to go in to the collection each time, back up to the original Folder and so on ad infinitum.
Unless there is a way I don't know about.

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Hi Howard,
Did you read the post from Johan Elzenga, just above?
Note his words- "right-click on the collection you want to add them to."
This command does allow you to remain viewing the same/current photos. You do not have to go into the collection and back to a folder each time!

Select you photos,
Right-click the collection Campdrafts- [Add photos......]
Right-click the collection Candids - [Add photos......].
Right-click the collection Chlldren - [Add photos......], etc.

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Yes, you're right actually the view remains on the current photos, but, as I've laid out in the original post you need to scroll up and down the left hand panel for those Collections. I have thousands of collections (just Synced Collections are now 878 according to LR Web) and it's a real pain to browse that list. It would be much better to have some Recent Collections in a contextual menu and have a Add to Collection in that contextual menu.