Lightroom: Continued performance issues (Mac)

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Lightroom CC 2015.5 had been a failure with terrible performance issues that were fortunately sorted out with the upgrade to version 2015.6. However since the upgrade to version 2015.7, i am again experiencing performance issues. It is not as bad as 2015.5 but still hindering in my professional work. I still cannot understand how a company selling professional tools can let those type of issues happen and remain. 
When working in the develop mode, the fan starts and does not stop and tweaking parameters becomes sluggish and slow. It greatly disturbs my workflow. I'm used to deliver edited pictures to the client the same day than the shooting (small weddings without reception) and since the upgrade of Lightroom CC 2015.7 it has become a pain. I'm working on the latest macbook mid 2015 with SSD HD, 16Go Ram, etc... It is usually very fast and I do not have these performance issues on other programs. Even Photoshop is less consuming than lightroom develop module.
When will such issues be sorted out? When will Adobe respect its contract got deliver a correctly working software, free of bugs? What must be done to get something decent? Is paying a monthly rental not enough? What do we need to do, us professionals who make a living from photography. Can adobe address these issues?

Jean Jacques Fabien
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Posted 1 year ago

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When software misbehaves, remember that it's sometimes the fault of the OS. Did you hurry to upgrade to Sierra? Always wait until .2, never .0. Have you given (is it a Mac?) your computer the "once over"? For Macs, run Onyx, Disk Warrior, EtreCheck, Malwarebytes. Are there ANY other issues like failure to shutdown properly, fans running, beachballing in the Finder? Those "other" things may be the cause, but you happen to be in Lightroom when they happen and all you see is the beachball, and you think it's Lightroom. I've had NO problems with Lightroom but then I'm a Mac Tech for 21 years, and still on El Capitan 10.11.6.
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I, too am having horrendous problems and I am seriously so behind in my editing.  I recently updated to last week.  I noticed that my Mac book pro was running much faster!  Then I tried to use LR editing and cannot edit.  The jumpy, beach ball, fan running when I try zoom in...the brush is slow and very behind.  I CANNOT edit this way.  Costing me money..seriously.  I waited until NOW to update because I read about the incompatibilities with LR and elcapitan.  Can I go back to Yosemite?  I re set preferences.  what do I do now?
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If he states, that his Mac is running fine and fast and the only program, that is slow and getting the computer to kick in fans, etc., I really wonder how you can recommend to run all these programs? If he runs the hard drive utility and there are no problems, why would he need to run Disk Warrior? 

My iMac i7 also runs perfectly fine with all other programs under El Capitan. It is very fast, when I use Photoshop CS5, instant retouching with all brushes unless I use a 700 pixel size brush, then it might take a few seconds to render.
If I use the spotting tool in LR 6.7, I have to wait almost 5 seconds before I see the result! In LR 5, that tool was also instant result, but had the bad habit to get slower when using it a lot until a restart of LR would be needed to fix the increasing lag. That should also not happen and it shows me, that Adobe never really fixed the spotting tool, something has been not right with this thing from the day of introduction!

Also, face recognition is a bad joke in LR. Many people complained about it, and it was one of the big features for LR  6. Now we are at version 6.7 and I have never heard a single line from Adobe about the face recognition feature, if that was improved or even fixed, etc.. I did basically bring my whole machine to a crawl when trying to go through a catalogue of 17000 images. So I let it work over two nights to do the task leaving me with thousands of pictures that I should do by hand, because face recognition just did a very very bad job!

And last but not least, the policy to give CC users new features that the stand alone buyers do not get is just a big joke! And the few reasons why that is so from Adobe are also more than stupid and certainly can not fool me. They clearly want to drive users into subscription packages with monthly payments and if they take their customers seriously, they should just clearly state it like that! I, if I was a marketing guy at Adobe, I would at least offer the customers who bought the stand alone version a one year free subscription, if they switch, because I would pay twice the price for a faulty product, if I chose to get a subscription now.

I own all Lightroom versions, except LR 5. And I can say, that LR 6 is by a very big margin the most faulty and beta like LR product I have ever used! It is time, that these guys do their homework! Since we are at 6.7 already, I guess, that LR 7 will be announced soon with a couple of new features and 6.7 will stay in Beta, because work will be shifted to 7. And then, the whole circus of problems will start anew;-)

When LR 1 was introduced, the Adobe people made a big deal out of it, that it was programmed fresh from the ground up in order to not carry around ancient programming pieces and that it would be so fast! Yeah, we see how modern and fast that baby has been, it reminds me more of an ancient dinosaur at times.
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Dear Carlos,

I did not upgrade to Sierra. I don't think I will actually upgrade. Still on El Captain. It is a MACbook pro 15" Mid 2015. I do regularly run Onyx. I hardly have any issues with this computer. It runs smoothly but from time to time, I would have some minor bugs related to the OS. I have had Macs since 2006 as well as PC's and always experienced some glitches and bugs. But the issue I'm currently experiencing is specifically related to lightroom upgrade 2015.7. I also work on photoshop, Premiere and after effects and do not have these issues.
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I am having the same issue.  I currently bought a new iMac 5k 4ghz Intel Core i7, Memory 16gb 1867 Mhz and AMD Radeon, mac OS Sierra & LR 6.8 ...I'm getting the spinning beach ball with everything I do!  It took me over an hr to edit one lousy photo. 
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Nothing to do with LR, you're having Mac OS issues. Reboot into Safe Boot, or run Onyx (run the Automation tab), zap the PRAM. You can Google how to do all this. Fixed it?
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Another good reason for me to stay away from CC