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When using a tool like brush (tools that has size and hardness settings) it would be very helpful if there was a check box that constrains the hardness to size.

For an example if I set the brush size to lets say 200px and the hardness too 50%  I get a nice soft edge but if I need to then resize (Make smaller) the brush size to lets say 20px and keep the hardness at 50% the soft edge appears much harder so then you have to adjust (reduce) the hardness to make it have the same visual softness as the 200px brush. This increases the time fiddling with settings and brakes the workflow.

A good example of this is if using the eraser tool to clean up the edge of something when you get to an internal corner you need to make the eraser size smaller but don't want to make the hardness appear less.

I do understand that currently the hardness is a percentage of the size but there should be an option to set a fixed hardness in lest say px so it is not affected by the size setting.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your thoughts. but dose not solve the issue.

A Tablet will not quite solve this as using the pressure to adjust the hardness is a variable so the hardness would not be exactly the same for any two clicks/strokes unless you are a robot :)

My main point is that it would be nice to be able to adjust the size of a tool whilst making the hardness remain exactly the same visually.

Gaussian blur is not a solution either as it is a filter not a tools such as brushes, eraser, etc

As far as i am aware currently there is no way to do what i'm talking about.

Please like this post if you agree with me that this should be added.

Adobe please be a gem and add this functionality to your next release.

Pretty please with a cherry on top

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You are correct on this Nathan 

Hope for more functionality in the future, good thoughts!