Lightroom Classic: Compare View "Bug": Lr Highlights Two Images Although You've Chosen One Winner

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What I regard as a bug in Lightroom's Compare View has driven me crazy for years. Every time there is a new release, I hope that they'll fix it and they never do.  New Classic 9.0 has disappointed me again.

Let's say you select 20 images to compare side-by-side in order to pick your winner from among them. You go through them all and maybe mark a dozen of them with an X for future deletion. When you finish and go back to Grid view, you would expect to find ONLY YOUR WINNER selected. But no! Lightroom selects YOUR WINNER AND the image next to it, even if that is one you've marked with an X for deletion.

I cannot tell you how many times I have exported, color-labeled, star labeled, or made virtual copies to two images when I only wanted to do it to MY WINNER.

Every time I get a user-survey from Adobe, I describe this bug. But they never change it. Does anyone know why Adobe thinks this would be a positive feature? What possible benefit would it be to users, to not only highlight/select the image the user designated as HIS WINNER, but another image as well?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Good morning, me does not consist of definitely your problem is it as in this video, grieved I use LR in French?
For me everything works normally, if I choose photographs in the grid, can show the view of comparison. finally that I click on X at the foot of pictures, these pictures will be unselected. when I come back to the gate, these pictures are always ubselected, I can therefore allocate them easily the desired markers.

Video recorded on macOS 10.14.6 AND LR 9.0

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You are in Survey view, not Compare view.
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I am not able to reproduce the issue either.
The image I selected as the "winner" is always the image selected the Grid view.

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Let's get some nomenclature straightened out before we continue as I think some misleading words are being used or used incorrectly.  

1)  Compare view (speed key C) shows ONLY two images at a time.  Survey view (speed key N) shows all selected images at one time

2)  Selected images are all images that do not have a dark grey background (canvas)  in the grid or filmstrip

3)  The Active image (some call it the "most selected" image) has a very light - almost white - canvas in the grid and filmstrip

4) Upon return from the Compare view, the last image shown on the left (select) side of the compare view will be the Active image,  All other selected images will still be selected.  while in the compare view you can click the "X" at the bottom right of either image to take it out of the list of selected images.

5) Upon return from the Survey view, the one with the thin white border in the survey view will be the active image but all others in the view will be selected.  In this view clicking the "X" in the bottom right corner of the image also removes it from the list of selected images.

6) in either Compare or Survey, setting the "Reject" flag (speed key X on keyboard) does not change its selection status.  If it was the active image it is still the active image.  If it was being shown (because it was one of the selected images) it is still a selected image. If you want to reject an image and take it out of the list of selected images first click "X" on the keyboard (or click the appropriate icon) to set the reject flag, then click the X on the screen at the bottom right of the image to de-select it.

Having said that my system works correctly (Windows/10  LR 8.3)

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