Lightroom: Combine the Library and Develop into a single module?

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I spend about 30% of my time in the Library Module and 60% in Develop (10% for everything else). However, I could do 90% of my real work in the Develop Module alone if the Library were somehow merged with this module. I spend plenty of time going back and forth between the two.

With that in mind, here's the idea that I would like to open for discussion & debate:

• Merge the Library's "grid view" (which is quite handy) into the Develop Module and do away with Library Module completely.

• Add a tool menu to the Develop Module for the tasks that are currently taking place in the Library Module (e.g. keywording).

• When you double-click an image in the grid view, that image enlarges to facilitate detailed developing work (same as the current Develop Module). The filmstrip at the bottom would become visible during this time.

• However, if you select multiple images (Ctrl+Click) from the grid, you can perform modifications to all of those images simultaneously.

This is easy for me to suggest since I know absolutely NOTHING about writing software. What do the rest of you think?
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Posted 8 years ago

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There will not be the slightest chance of merging the library and develop.

This suggestion has been voiced in the past and the reasons why not are more than strong enough.
Having both modules creates a work flow that you will get used to and will help with the more mundane keywording ( if they improve it) and meta tagging etc.
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I'm sort of in favor of this. They've been continuously adding Library's functionality to the other modules (collections was the last one) anyway.

However, I think Library should just be eliminated as a separate module, with all it's functionality integrated into the others, and then a new module should be created that's specifically targeted at metadata, much like the new Map module is in LR4. That way, we could do simple stuff like we do now from all the modules, but also have full-screen list view, full-screen keywords, and so on in a dedicated module.
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Which in the end looks more like: enhance the library module and copy some of its features in other modules.
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I heavily use the library module, as well as the develop module I wouldn't want to have them merged: but a grid view in the develop module is a good idea.
on the other hand metadat manipulation from a menu would make it unusable. Too many metadata = too much time navigating in the menu to find the proper item click it , open the dialog box and fill it. And the keyword tree wouldn't fit in there.
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It takes too much time to go between both of this two modules. It should be combined into only one module. Good idea.
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Have you ever tried to quickly move through photographs using the develop view?
Even with a powerful CPU I cannot do more than about 2 photographs per second. And that is when it's already in the CameraRaw cache. Otherwise it takes a bit less than 2 seconds for EACH image.

In the loupe view, things get much faster. I can almost instantly switch between photographs. Makes flagging so much easier.
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I would really like to the ability to import photos while in develop module. It really aggravating to drag photos into lightroom and in up being in develop module and import doesn't work. I edited batch of images as I am handed memory cards so this is very constant issue.

I don't use auto import since I move the images are moved to specific folders before importing them.
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