Color Sampler Tool - In ACR, why not in Lightroom?

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Color Sampler Tool. (CST)

At Victoria Bampton's suggestion, I am posting a link here to my thread on the need (as I see it!) for a Color Sampler Tool in Lightroom.

When it was created, Lightroom contained pretty much everything that ACR had, except for the Color Sampler Tool. It is a mystery to me why it has never been added to LR.

I use it all the time in ACR (one of the reasons I can't use LR for my professional work) and I would love to see it in LR.

I use it in conjunction with the Tone Curve. I also use it when I want to balance (or at least see a reading of the light ratio) a shot of an interior.

I document a lot of fine art. Sometimes the best way to light, for example, a very large tapestry, is to bounce light off a ceiling. Now the light at the top of the tapestry is lighter than the light at the bottom. Use the CST to take samples, usually of the wall the work is hanging on, top and bottom. Then, use a Graduated Filter to balance the light by referring to the numbers. The CST is brilliant in conjunction with the Graduated Filter.

No doubt others can think of many uses, apart from the obvious colour based ones.

Any chance of this vital tool emerging in LR?


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Posted 7 years ago

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I would like to have this capability as well.

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Yes, would be a nice addition!
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For the life of me, I can't figure why this feature was omitted from Lightroom, or indeed, any product intended to be used as a professional "digital darkroom". It's only been in every version of Photoshop as long as I can remember (where you can sample up to 4 points), and Adobe Camera Raw (where you can sample up to 6!)

I use it all the time in several ways:

1) Achieving natural looking skin tones. I don't like over-contrasty skin with the wrong hues, apparently unlike every amateur photographer out there. I have a chart of RGB values which I use as a basis for making people look natural that I've developed and used over the years, shadow values, highlights, hair, etc. etc. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to use the same techniques in Lr, with all of the image management benefits that brings... But alas, to do that in Lr requires that I mouse over the particular area I want, and WRITE the RGB percentages down so that I can manually go back and check the numbers after I make a change. Gross adjustments without a way to verify what you're doing = pull your hair out

Also, while on that subject, could you please put a check box in the preferences to all us the option to use 0-255 RGB / gray values--which just happen to be the standard scale in, I don't know, *all of Adobe's other programs*)

2) Zone system, by the numbers. 'nuff said. You give us a histogram and black and white clipping indicators--that's great and all, but it's just way, way too imprecise. How do I know that this black is so close to black that my printer is just going to clip it? I don't. Make everyone abandon 150 years of photographic theory? Why the heck not!

3) Art photography, where you need colors to match something in the real world. Gotta bring it into Photoshop. TO SAMPLE COLORS (again, on a scale everyone else uses).

I've basically reached the point where I Need Lightroom, which is a transition I've fought until now, but I find myself eternally frustrated due to this ONE missing feature. Without the use of this tool, it's like having my right thumb amputated and trying to button my pants with my left hand.
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Just downloaded LR 5.3.

Thought I might get an early Christmas present.

One year on, no such luck.

Lightroom remains the less than professional package that ACR is.

I'm surprised this request hasn't received more traction.


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A color sampler tool in LR is a must for serious color work. Such an omission is a real oversight in my opinion, and feels like a no-brainer.