Color smearing on pics taken with Nokia 6 on both mobile and desktop LR

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On my Nokia 6 Android device Lightroom mobile's camera smears warm colours quite badly on DNG files. The issue is so bad, that fine red detail might disappear completely and for example human body part against gray background might lose color almost entirely as it spreads to surrounding image surface.

I haven't tested with jpg-files yet. The preview, when changing develop settings, shows the photo just fine, as it's rendered from jpg preview, I assume. When the DNG is rendered, color issue reappears.

You can see how it works on desktop here:

The issue was discussed on forum briefly here:

The issue affects both DNG previews in editor and exported photos.

It's been most apparent on red channel, but on the video cyans are affected on the running woman's hair.

In general the colors seem a bit washed out, altho this doesn't seem to happen always, though frequently.


Btw here's a link to the file on CC: 

edit 17-09-26: It seems the link to the file was broken, fixed it.

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I'm gonna write a reply  about this, since this info deserves extra attention. On Youtube an user called Quoutub pointed out that noise reduction could be the culprit - and it is. LR applies some color noise reduction by default, which in this case spoils the color rendition.

Additional problem is that noise reduction is not adjustable in LR mobile, on Android at least. That prevents me from disabling it on my phone, which in turn makes many DNG files taken with LR camera unusable until adjusted on desktop app.

Please fix this, in one way or another.

EDIT: May I add that setting color noise reduction even to 2 on this picture already grays out the running woman's hand and the orange shirt in the background. Even slightest color noise reduction spoils the photo.

It seems I can't share DNG's through LR mobile, so here is the digital negative on Google Drive: