Photoshop: Ability to select a color by temperature using the Color Picker

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When I open the color picker in any application, it gives me RGB, CMYK, LAB, Hexidecimal means to select a color. Why not add the ability to select a color by temperature? This feature could be added to the eyedropper as well, and info palette. We should be able to see what the color temperature is of any given area or be able to pick a color or add it too something. I like in Lightroom that we can see the color temp of white balance but maybe we could extend that throughout the adobe ecosystem by making colors selectable in the color picker by temp.
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Posted 11 months ago

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Colour temperature is not a colour in the sense that RGB,CMYK, LAB, HSL,etc are, so you can't make a colour picker by temperature. Colour temperature relates to light sources that approximate an ideal black body, whose spectral radiance obeys Planck's law of black body radiation. For a given temperature, a black body at that temperature emits a spectrum of radiation that follows a rising curve from zero, peaks, then falls off as the radiated frequency increases. The frequency at which the peak occurs increases with temperature, so at low temperature, the peak occurs at the reddish/orange end of the visible spectrum, while at a high temperature the peak is in the blue end of the spectrum. For the sun, the peak is in the yellow region. For most colours, such as green, it make no sense at all to try and assign them a colour temperature.