Lightroom Desktop: Add Color Labels

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I added thousands of photos (other than those in Synced Catalogs) and now I cannot differentiate them other than by the standard filters provided because I have used color labels to identify certain criteria. Color labels are just as important as Flags, Please add them!
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Posted 2 years ago

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I just wish Adobe would tell us if this is in development or not planned.  I agree, that paying a subscription based service ups the ante with exepctations on their customer service and development plans.  Even Microsoft is very open about what is planned or in development for new features with Office 365.  C'mon, Adobe, it's time for more transparency. 
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Bryan Lovell

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I also want to put in my vote for this feature. There is really no reason to move to CC. I don't do a lot of editing on my tablet, but I have a lot of catalog/library work to do and I was hoping to be able to flag color labels on my tablet (because that is convenient) then return to my PC to edit accordingly. 
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Please add color labelss!! :)
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Dear Adobe, we need color-labels in lightroom CC. please include this in the next update! Thank you
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Anna Medvedeva

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I'm so disappointed with LR CC Classic.  No color labeling option. No importing options like water marking etc. I feel it is like instagram for kids now, not for the professionals. Community, are there any alternatives? I loved my LR5. This CC Classic one is a snapchat or whatever. We are cool with paying monthly for your service, please give us our options back.
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I think you're a little confused. For the last 18 months there have been 2 different versions of "Lightroom"....there is Lightroom Classic CC, which is the updated version of the Lightroom 5 program that you are familiar with, and is currently at version 8. It has all the same features as LR5, including colour labels, plus a lot more new features.

The other version is called Lightroom CC, and is the cloud-centric version which has a simplified interface. Being only 18 months old it does not yet have all the features of the more traditional desktop-centric version.
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This is a colored label. A dot of color is not.
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Lee Chrismas

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Please add colour labels, they would be incredibly useful.
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Joseph Krauskopf

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Yes please add and sync with Classic
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this is annoying......but........instead of hitting number 9 for a blue color label you can use 1-5 i think.  then in the develop tab you can set the filter to rating.... this will almost act like the color labeling  

lol that is if you had the same annoyance as i did with filtering photos with colors in "library" and then going to the develop tab and...using my color filter.... only seeing those photos that i wanted to edit!

hope this helps
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Please add my voite for color labels. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Color label, time to add that in Lr CC. because its 2019!.

Hi, I see comments from 2017 to include that Basic function as well in Lr CC Mobile App Versions for iOS etc to sync Workflows. Or anyone having found an workflow. Would like to avoid **** as I use that for an other selection flow.
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Hello? Are we really without color labels in this software? Just... WHY???