Collections in LR Classic VS. Albums in Lightroom Mobile

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Hi again!

I'm desperately trying to understand the connection or difference between the Collections panel in Classic, vs the Albums panel in my Lightroom "cloudy" (mobile phone app). Because, when I delete a synced collection from Classic, it still remains in "cloudy". In the same vein, if I delete an image from a synced collection (in Classic), that image still remains in "cloudy" (on my phone LR app.)

Is this correct, what I think is happening, and I'm trying to understand why that is? I want to think that the synched collections/"albums" would reflect back and forth what is being deleted on either side(??)

The one thing I think I get, is that Classic is not "cloudy", ... but I thought that the collections panel has Synced collections that can be "connected" to what's going on with my phone albums...

Also on a different note, I'm a bit confused because I created a test collection with one image in LR Classic, and on my phone when I view that image (Lightroom mobile/"cloudy"), it says "RAW" on top of the image. BUT I thought that the image is supposed to be only a screen res / smart preview version of the file? RAW gives me the connotation that it's the original full size / full res version (b/c that's just what you think of when you think of a raw file) but I guess it's actually a RAW smart preview file, and you can edit RAW smart previews? Maybe I've answered my own question here correctly? Oh my gosh this really takes some figuring out...

thank you all in advance...

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Posted 9 months ago

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The synced collections in Classic show up as Albums in Mobile. If you unsync a collection in Classic it will get removed in Mobile/Cloud after syncing. This might take sometime depending on the number of photos in the collection. 

If you delete a image from a synced collection in Classic it will show a prompt as to whether you would like to keep it in "All synced photographs". If the answer is "No" it would get deleted from mobile as well. If the answer is yes then user needs to go to the "All synced photos" collection and delete the image to get it removed from Mobile/Cloud.

Classic only syncs smart previews for photos synced from Classic. The "RAW" label is just indicating the underlying photo file type.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.

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That's what I thought should happen but it's not updating the changes. :/ ...
Update: I figured out it was because Syncing was paused, somehow.
Clicked user name in upper left logo area to resume syncing, and changes updated. Thank you!
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 If you unsync a collection in Classic it will get removed in Mobile/Cloud after syncing.
One would expect bu, NO it doesn’t : you have to delete the collection or remove the images from « all synced images ». (If the image is only in that collection, if not it remains in the other synced collections)