Elements: Coin Images - Is there a way to automatically crop to within a couple of mm from the edge of an image?

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Is there a way to automatically crop to within a couple of mm from the edge of an image. For instance my canvas is about 8" x 12". The background is a solid color but at the center of this canvas is a sharp image of a coin like a dime that is only 1" in diameter (like images "A" & "B"). Is there a way to take a bunch of similar images and have them all crop down so that I only have the actual dime left plus maybe a couple of mm between the edge of the coin and the edge of the canvas (like in image "C")? In other words the final image would be square, with the dime in the center and only 2mm of background all around? (like in image "C").  Currently I'm manually selecting the crop lines for each individual coin and then cropping it one coin at a time.
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Hi Pablo,

I'd recommend just using the Magic Wand tool set to contiguous and Tolerance of 8 or less and Contiguous checked.  That should select right to the edge of the coin.  If you then want to add back in some border, click Select > Modify > Contract and enter 1 or 2.

Hope that helps,
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 If you then want to add back in some border, click Select > Modify > Contract and enter 1 or 2.

Alternatively, put the selection as a copy on a new layer (Ctrl J); use the option Edit > Stroke (outline) selection with the 'outside' option and the color of your background.
Select the resulting expanded subject (Ctrl click on the new layer icon); finally menu Image >> crop.
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I don't use a magic wand for anything.  It's useless in my opinion.  You might find the cropping tool more useful.  Alternatively you can use the macro lens on your camera.  Also, on older models of PSE is a selection tool which will get close to a round object with adjustments and the older versions are much more manageable.  You don't say which version you are working with but - if you don't have a controllable selection tool (version 13, 14, 15 are useless) then maybe you can find an older PSE.  Try PSE version 10 (64bit PC).  Its selection and crop tools are much more manageable.  I have PSE 1 through 10 + 14 and several PS, Lightroom, and assorted other Adobe programs.  I haven't given up quite yet, but when Adobe changed the selection tool to a retarded square - "no now its round, It just changed to square, now its round again . . ."  they kept us guessing on what their tools might do during any minute we select them.  When Adobe did this to us, they really made a very poor PSE and PS by making their tools retarded or inoperable.  Find an older model and have fun with that instead.  I'm a software engineer whose job was to test that software.  They stopped listening to me.  Also, I've been a pro photographer since 1971 and they won't listen to that either. Adobe needs to make PSE like the older tools we had in yesteryear.  They need to stop making new tools that blow our noses or wipes our asses. We don't need new tools, we need a program that works.  After talking to the many pro's, most of them have begun to develop their own software program, that works better.  I'm not sure what one might name a new one after all of us had relied on Adobe for so long.  But we are mindful of wanting something much better and Adobe needs to stop horsing around with "new".  Their old colorful boxes used to say what's new but none of us read the box.  We tossed it and got to work on our photographs.  That's ALL we want to do is work on our photos.  Adobe needs to stop making an Aladdin's Lamp.  We're all professionals by now.  We need tools that work for professionals.  Heck, nobody at Adobe is listening, so what's the use of writing this crap.  Every year they come out with a new build with stupid tools that don't work.  That's what this forum is for - to get adobe to listen-up!  Sorry I tickled your ear there, Pablo.