Lightroom: Cleaning caches using utility software affects sync

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More of a tip really.

Yes, I know, don't use them. As a rule I don't use cache cleaners often, but have done on occasion when suffering issues and using them as problems solvers, rather than maintenance. I do believe they can be useful when used appropriately.

However, I have discovered that they ('they' in this case is Mojave Cache Cleaner) are actually impossible to use at all if you use the CC syncing system. It seems they delete the syncing cache, and this invokes strange behaviour in Lightroom Classic.

It's resulted in days of attempting to get Lightroom Classic to complete a syncing operation, but it's a nightmare.

OK, I made a mistake, but please, don't keep making me suffer for it!

It seems to start off OK, but gradually grinds itself to a halt, and Lightroom ends up using more RAM than is available - currently using 19GB on a 16GB machine (and increasing). I really am finding it hard to understand why to needs to do that just to upload/download some files. Or in this case nothing at all, as all the files are in place, it just needs to check them.

In the end I have to force-quit and then relaunch, which sorts it out for a while again, until it grinds to a halt again. It ends up with a different number of files to sync each time too.

I've tried the Rebuild Sync Data option, and now it's crawling through the last 13,000 images.

Anyway, just beware out there, don't clean caches if you're syncing.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I didn't do any cache cleaning (that I'm aware of) but am experiencing a similar problem.  All my "satellite" devices are successfully pushing images to the cloud and to each other, but the Mac in LR CC Classic is somehow stuck.  It 'notices' new images are synced and the pending download number increases, but they never actually download.  Sure, I could wipe my synced data and re-upload, but I don't want to.  +1 if anyone knows a way to "reset sync" on just this one, master catalog.
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Well, after a week of various attempts, Lightroom Classic is pretty much useless at the moment.

I can get it down to a few thousand left to sync - not sure exactly how many, as it changes each launch. It starts off with some in the sync-errors section, and some in the menubar 'syncing xxx' section, but both amounts generally adding up to about 8,000.

The amount syncing may go up or down, and the corresponding number or sync errors goes up and down accordingly.

I did start off with the full 50,600 after a rebuild the sync data, but to won't get past this last 8,000. It just bogs down with enormous RAM usage (37GB last time, on a 16GB machine).

I feel I'll probably have to delete all the synced data and start afresh, but I really, really don't want that, as the Collection Sets to Folder/Albums syncing is non-existent, and I have a very complex set of folders and albums to manually rebuild from the corresponding Collections sets in Classic.

I know I started this off with a daft user error, although I had no way of knowing at that time that such a problem would arise from it.

Of all the cloud syncing systems there are I have yet to find one that is actually robust enough for serious everyday use. All too often I see advice to uninstall/reinstall, rebuild sync data and even delete all the synced info on the account and start again.

At least give me a way to sync my Collection Set structure, that would help enormously.