Changing payment method from paypal to credit card.

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I wanted to change my payment method from Paypal to Credit Card.  According to the website, it state that in order to change a payment method from Credit Card to Paypal, or conversely to contact customer support.  After contacting customer support and 20 mins later, their solution is to cancel the membership and to renew.  Well as inconvenient as this was, I went ahead and tried to do this.  When I tried to cancel, I got a warning stating that if I cancelled I would be charged a cancellation fee.  Otherwise, if I choose to keep my plan, they would give me 2 months free.  Now at this point I am getting very upset that I am trapped into using my paypal account.  I keep the plan for now with the 2 month deal, and then I recontact customer support, I immediately ask to be transferred to the same person I spoke with earlier or their supervisor, I was informed that this was impossible without a reason.  After trying to explain to that person that I just want to speak with a supervisor or the person so that I can expedite this process they finally transferred me to another department where they ended up telling me to do the same thing.  Cancel and renew.  At this point I almost lost it, but I calmly asked to speak with a supervisor.  Over an hour later, I finally get in contact with a "supervisor" and said there was nothing he could do and at best he can just waive the cancellation fee.  At this point, I wasted over an hour of my time and went into to many circles and asked if there was anything he could do to save face, then he offered me one month free.  Which was literally a worse offer than I received automatically for not cancelling!

tl:dr Spent over an hour just to change my payment method from Paypal to Credit card.  Solution was to cancel and pay cancellation fee and renew.  "Supervisor" best solution was to waive cancellation fee and give a month free, which was a worse deal than the automatic reply of a two month free promotion for not cancelling.

Bottom line: Never change your payment method.  Adobe does not care about their customers.  Although very happy with photoshop CS product, after this ordeal I am looking at their competitors.

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Posted 2 years ago

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I've heard this many times and agree. The tech support is the worst in the business and the only reason is that, "They don't care." Also if you do get one they are "always." right and your, "the consumer," is wrong. The main reason I never call any tech support is I usually can't understand their accent.