Photoshop: Center text vertically in bounding box (like InDesign)

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Allow text to be aligned vertically in a bounding box for text

This is the corresponding tool in InDesign

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Posted 11 months ago

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I've been wanting this for years. Please Photoshop team <3
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Howdy Trisha and Windermere,

I happen to agree with you and have written a feature request for this.  Hopefully, we'll add this sooner than later.  User stories explaining why this is important are useful to raise the priority.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Vertical Alignment Text Tool.

Everyone wants a Vertical Align Text Tool! Not all text sits at the top of things... and that's why it would be so nice to have a tool where new lines of text would be appended upward, instead of downward. Clicking the "Middle" button on the Vertical Align Text Tool would cause new lines to be appended upward and downward from the initial insertion point. If a Text Square was dragged out, text will automatically center itself vertically in that space.

We have a Horizontal Align tool, why not a Vertical Align? It's 2012- this would be a nice CS6 feature!!! Thanks guys!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: I could use a button to center text vertically in text box.

Feature request:

Photoshop allows you to center text horizontally within a text box with the click of a button. Please add a similar button that allows users to center text vertically within the text box. (Or at the bottom of the text box, for that matter.)

Seems like pretty basic functionality... I was surprised to discover that users currently have to eyeball where the vertical center is, then rely on baseline shift.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Vertically Center Text Within a Text Box.

Is there a way to vertically center text within a paragraph box? If not, when will there be? It seems like a significant oversight and a relatively simple fix.

In my current case, the paragraph box is bent around an arc with the "Create warped text" feature. Also, I have a script that is inserting different text contents, so the process needs to be automated. It isn't practical to re-adjust the position of the text box, and the curvature of the arc for each of the 150 iterations. Writing a script to do that would be an overwhelming endeavor for me at this point.

Here's an example of what I'm working on. You can see the room for improvement.

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We're at version 20.0, and it's mind-boggling that such a simple feature has not been added to Photoshop yet. Without this it's pretty much impossible to work with Variables and Data Sets that can have varying line counts.
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Yes, please! I need this function as well.
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Wow. I started using photoshop in 1991 and owned my first copy when it was a complementary tool best shared with the likes of kai's power tools/soap and fractal design Painter, software which was shipped in a beautiful 1 gallon paint can. 

I always assumed that it was easy enough to place text in the middle of a bounding box but I never bothered to figure out how to do it. I just fumbled around with the lower edge of the bounding box until it was close enough to the bottom that it would appear, more or less, centered. 

That this has actually never been addressed in photoshop strikes me as a classic example of how indignant developers can be ("That's not what this software is for!")