Capture Pilot equivalent for LightRoom?

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Capture Pilot. Why is there no equivalent in Lightroom? Phase One's "capture pilot" app is absolutely fantastic. It is the only thing I really think is missing in Lightroom. Capture One may be more the software of choice for studio tethering. At least for me, it would go a long way to changing my mind if I had the capture pilot functionality in Lightroom. Please, please consider this feature. The current LR 5.4 integration with the iPad is great, but I'm really looking for a way for clients to be able to view and sort through photos on their own tablets and phones, not actually sync with my catalog. Just follow along with the shoot as it happens. Capture Pilot is exactly what I'm looking for, just in Lightroom.
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Please describe what Capture Pilot does that you like, other than something that doesn't require syncing with a LR catalog but works with LR, somehow, which seems impossible.
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Hi Steve,

I shoot tethered to a laptop or computer most of the time. Sometimes there are many people involved and it is not very practical for everyone to be crowded around the computer. It would be a great option for folks to sit on a couch (in the other room) and follow along with shoot remotely. I mentioned Capture Pilot because it does just that.

I don't know exactly how it would work in Lightroom. I'm not a programmer. So whether it needs to sync with the catalog or not is beyond me. Sorry.

When a file is captured from the camera it is saved to the hard drive of the tethered computer. Then a JPEG preview is generated and broadcast using the computer's local wifi network. The app of the ipad/iphone/etc looks for that signal and displays the jpegs from that tether session on the screen. The computer/laptop can also be set up to simply run as a web server so non-iOS devices can also view the tether session as an html page by just pointing at a specified IP address.

I really like Lightroom better than capture one, but the capture pilot app's functionality would be a great addition to LR. You can download a free trial of Capture One and the Capture Pilot app and try it out for yourself. If I have not explained myself well enough please read on below. I've copied and pasted some of the Phase One's description of the app below to give you a better understanding of what Capture Pilot does. Also, here are some videos that show it in action.

Capture Pilot is an iOS app from Phase One that allows you to use your iOS device to remotely view, zoom, rate, tag, and pan high resolution images during a shoot. You tether your camera to a laptop or workstation, then with the free app anyone who you want to be able to view the photos can do so from their own devices rather than crowding around your computer.

Capture Pilot is great for working with clients in the studio. It is possible for clients to rate and tag images on an iOS device while having full control over zooming, panning, and reviewing of images.

If you purchase the additional functionality you can operate your camera from within the app as well.

The users say:
“Whether it is clients, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists or photographers, anyone that needs to keep an eye on what is being shot, Capture Pilot allows them to see every detail of what is being shot. What is most important is that it successfully engages the entire team in the photographic process."
- Daryn Labier, Blast Digital Studio

“In all, I’m extremely impressed with Phase One’s iOS application Capture Pilot.” “It enhances the creative process in ways that you won’t be able to predict.”
- Mike Hagen, Nikonians


- Wirelessly view, zoom and pan high resolution DSLR and medium format RAW, JPEG and TIFF images during a shoot.
- Unique and easy-to-use rating and tagging feature enables clients or staff in the studio or on remote locations to participate in the shoot and to provide instant feedback.

- Connect directly to a Phase One IQ2 series digital back to remotely fire and control your camera and check capture previews directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
- Connect your camera to a Mac or Windows computer running Capture One Pro and use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to remotely fire and control your Canon, Nikon, Phase One, Leaf or Mamiya camera.
- Control your camera’s most important capture parameters on a virtual camera display: ISO sensitivity, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation.
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Chad Westover +1

I agree, Capture Pilot Is very helpful little app for tethering shooting.
Basically that's was a reason why I switched to Capture One Pro in my studio.