Camera Raw & Lightroom: Support Compressed files from Leaf Backs

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I have this problem with getting raw files into lightroom or photoshop camera raw.

We use to shoot tethered with Leaf capture and then send the files to Lightroom using the auto import feature in ligthroom. Because leaf capture is has not been updated lately it is getting slower and slower. That's why I start testing Capture one pro 8 with is a well updated app. I found out that the raw files this app puts out can not be imported in lightroom or photoshop.
I asked the support of phase one/capturepro the following question :

Is it possible to save a file shot with a leaf aptus 75 on a hasselblad h2 body as a uncompressed raw file using capture one pro 8 in the tethered mode.
I'm now working with a trail of capture one pro 8 to see if it is suitable for our studio to use. Normally we work with leaf capture and lightroom. In to leaf capture you get a choice to save the raw file compressed or uncompressed. I can not find this option in capture one pro 8. The only choice I get is in the preferences or when i hook up the camera : a choice between IIQ or tiff. The IIQ seems to be compressed, because it is only 35 mb and i can not import this into lightroom or photoshop.

I hope you can help me out or give me some advice.

This is the awnser I got after an hour from phase one :

Not when tethered. Uncompressed actually saves calibration data into the RAW. Not only is this not RAW anymore, (which is a no-no as far as Phase One policy on RAW data is concerned) it also can not be read through the tethering module.

IIQ and Tif is for Phase One backs and is refering only to the extension (files are the same). Leaf backs shoot the .MOS extension.

If you need uncompressed:
Shoot to CF card
Shoot into Leaf Capture Tethered on a supported OS. You can then view the images in Capture One on a hotfolder. Note the above RAW issue is still valid here.

Alternatively ask Adobe to support compressed files. We have supplied them with all the information that is needed. This is where our involment sadly ends as far a suppoting Adobe software goes.

My Question to adobe is : are you planning to support this compressed capture one pro 8 raw file? We use tethered shooting in 99% of our work.
For s as photoshop en lightroom user ( as long as it on the market! )it would be great to have the freedom to choose our own workflow. If not supported we have to move our whole workflow to capture one.

I hope it can be added to the supported file formats.

Kind regards

Michel Olden

hasselblad h2
leaf aptus 75 back
mac os yosemite
all the latest versions of photoshop and lightroom
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