Can't uninstall Adobe apps without an account.

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If someone has a computer that has recent ver of Adobe apps & CC installed - they will not be able to uninstall the software without having a valid Adobe ID. I've already found problems that this leads to.  Company computers that employees install Adobe on and then leave company cause computers to constantly prompt for CC login. If company tries to uninstall software, they are forced to enter an Adobe ID to uninstall (no easy way around it). Most companies will prob spend resource time and effort to just re-image/factory restore the computer. I doubt many will go through the time to create an Adobe ID to use JUST to uninstall the software.

The easiest way would be for Adobe to NOT require an Adobe account be logged in to JUST uninstall apps. The next viable way is to use Adobe CC Cleaner tool - which is not publically advertised. If anyone reading this is facing the problem I have described above, download the CC Cleaner Tool here: 

See step 6 to view download link for file.  This tool can remove the Creative Cloud software, which will then end it's death grip on the Windows uninstall prompts to login.

Hope this helps as Adobe continues to make their software more and more cumbersome. (FYI, I was told by Adobe this death grip requiring logging into CC just to uninstall is a "new feature!"  While it may be new, it is most def NOT a feature, but blockade. Sheesh.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I just had to prepare new user on one of the PCs at work. Unfortunately previous employee left Adobe Creative cloud installed on it. Thanks to this page I was able to remove the software. 

Don't want to sound salty, but Adobe turned from an awesome company to sketchy at best. First no perpetual licenses for their software which is extremely expensive for everyday joe and now this Creative Cloud. I will gladly use competition for all Graphic Design Tasks. 
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This turned me off Adobe, no application should be blocked from being deleted off your own personal Pc. I expected much better business practises from a company so large. 
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I just tried to use the CCCleaner tool but no prompts are coming up in the box. My license ended today and now I'm stuck with an annoying error message from Adobe that won't go away.
If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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Ef Adobe, wouldnt pay them a cent, bootleg all the way.....scumbags. Cant even delete their garbage.