Lightroom CC: Can't figure out how to batch rename files. Can anybody help?

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I am a Lightroom Classic user trying to learn how to use Lightroom CC and can't understand how to BATCH rename files. As in... change the name of the files wherever they are stored. I am trying to follow the instructions in this article - but my Lightroom CC desktop version's control panel looks completely different. The "file" field is greyed out on my desktop version. Btw, I'm also having trouble re-arranging images using the film strip. Something is wrong with the "grippy-ness" of the double click so I can highlight the file I want to move but cannot make the "black bar between images" appear. So I can't release it anywhere. Thanks for any help you can give me. I'm busy with work so I can't afford the time to switch to Lightroom CC but wanted to see if I can do perform some basic functions. So far, it's going badly. Thanks.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Batch file renaming applies only to Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom CC does not have this capability
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So poor if you want me to renew my subscription this needs to be added. Can't believe LR CC is such a step backwards from LR CC Classic.
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When the batch renaming feature will be added to LR CC?
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I know we had this conversation yesterday, but you're really not Lightroom CC's target audience, at least at this point in time. It's still a baby. It will grow over time, and it will gain many of the more advanced features you're looking for (so calling it Elements would limit its potential), but it is still a baby compared to Classic.

They are pushing CC marketing hard because even in its immature state, it is the best choice for most of the "next generation" of amateur photographers who are just starting to look for photography software. No more losing their photos, organization's done for them, photos are available on all of their devices without having to understand catalogs, easy to share to social media, no huge learning curve. There's a lot of LR Classic users out there who constantly get in a mess with Classic, and don't need its full power, so they'd be better off switching too. But for more advanced Lightroom users like yourself, who already have a solid photography workflow in place, and understand how to use the much more mature Lightroom Classic, then Classic remains the right choice.
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I dare to say that Apple Photos right now is a much better and mature choice with the ecosystem of apps working on top like VSCO, Affinity Photo, Polarr, DxO and many others. Stuff you do in other apps and save to the camera roll even ends up in a folder in Apple Photos cloud library like "VSCO Cam" or "Instagram". They also own both software AND hardware. You also get 2TB of storage for $10/month which is much more generous. For example: I saw that Premiere Rush CC (video editing in the cloud gets 100GB vs 1TB for Lightroom CC for the same monthly price, while video workflows require much more data.... I don't know what Adobe's thinking (or maybe I do!)

I am all for starting over and rebuilding products so they become fast and lean again, similar to what Apple did a few years back with Final Cut Pro (X). But just like Apple, Adobe also fails to clearly communicate with the user what its plans are and because the marketing is overpromising and underdelivering, lots of people end up disappointed and the overal sentiment around 'Adobe' as a company among creatives isn't exactly what I would call 'healthy and positive' right now. 

Clearly communicating a roadmap would go a long way in changing that relationship. Adobe keeps saying they are going to communicate better, but the only thing they seem to do is announcing shipping features... even Apple is less secretive. I hope they would show a future vision at MAX... nope, nada, nothing. Again just a shipping announcement.