Canon Lens Correction - Camera Specific? Canon's Lens Correction Profiles

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There is a lens correction profile in PS for the Canon EF-S18-135 F3.5-5.6 IS STM lens with a Canon 7D body. Can this profile be used for photos taken with my 600D (Rebel 3Ti) body?

If not, or to make use of Canon's high(er) quality lens corrections in their Digital Photo Professional application - is it possible to convert these for use in the Adobe lens correction filter?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Lens corrections are in terms of physical distances rather than pixels, so a lens profile computed on one camera can be used on another.

The one exception is that a lens profile computed on a crop-frame body cannot be used on a full-frame body because there is missing data for the outside area.

The reverse is still ok, using a full-frame body profile on a crop-frame sensor camera.

If the lens is one that only works on crop-frame bodies then that it isn't possible to use it on a full-frame camera, anyway, so there wouldn't be a lens profile computed incorrectly.

In your situation, the EF-S lens, the profile camera, 7D, and your camera, 600D are all crop-frame sensor compatible so there should be no problem.
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Thanks for your quick reply, Steve. I have a follow-up question. The correction profile in PS for the Canon EF-S18-135 F3.5-5.6 IS STM lens was apparently based on 9 measurements - 3 levels of zoom at 3 distances out to about 6 meters. Is this adequate to characterize the various apertures, distances to infinity, and intermediate zoom levels?

No doubt this was a lot of work, but it may not measure up to the detailed characterization that Canon has probably done for their lens. How can the Canon measurements be brought into PS/LR? Adobe's Lens Profile Creator User Manual states:

"This is a feature made available to lens manufacturers for converting their lens design data into LCP files. For details, check out the companion document titled 'Adobe Camera Model Lens Design Data Conversion Guide' on the lens design data interchange format and conversion steps."

Is this something that Canon needs to initiate, or can Adobe do so? (Is Canon reluctant to share its data?)

Thanks again
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Hello Howard,

When profiling zoom lenses in house, we find it adequate to profile each marked zoom level and we attempt to do so each at three distances between minimal and infinity where possible. It is likely that specific design data from Canon would produce a more technically accurate profile, but Canon would need to initiate this. Until they do, we will continue to provide profiles for Canon lenses as we have time and resources to do so.


- Chris