Can someone help with version naming in the external editing preset in Lightroom?

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I cannot figure out the naming templates for external editing (and it appears to be so simple that the online help doesn't address the question).

I want to edit a raw file «filename» in Photoshop, and have the first one be named «filename -v 1», the second «filename -v 2», etc. I set the template to be

Filename -v Total # (1)

And this shows as an example "IMG_0002 -v 10.psd". However, when I use this template, the first copy is named «filename -v 1» (which I want), but the second is named «filename -v 1-2», the third «filename -v 1-3», etc.

Is there any way to get what I want?


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Posted 8 years ago

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I don't believe you can achieve with LR what you want.

The tokens available in the naming presets for external edits represent:

  • Sequence#: The sequence number of all external edits performed in the LR life (kept in the LR Preferences File !!)

  • Image#: The image number in an external edit if more than one image was selected for one external edit

  • Total#: The number of images selected for one external edit

As a workaround, I would suggest you either would use

  • "Sequence#", which would give you a unique, but not consecutive suffix on your edited images

  • some kind of Date/Time stamp as suffix

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Alan Harper

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Thanks, Beat.

I was using the Sequence number and got exactly the same results: the first was "-v 1", but the second was "-v 1-2".

What is strange is that the "example" shows, mas o menos, exactly what I want: "IMG_0002 -v 10.psd".

Oh well, it isn't that hard to rename in Lightroom after saving in Photoshop.

I already use the date-time of the photo as part of the file name ("2011-05-03 11-30-05 IMG_0002.cr2"), so adding another date-time as part of the version would be very baroque.