Can anyone tell me why I would use Lightroom CC over Apple Photos?

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I have been playing around with the new Lightroom CC and was initially very excited about the idea behind that software. Having my (raw) photos in the cloud, and being able to process them anywhere on any device without the need to have them stored on my hard drive is just what I have been looking for.

However, all my experimentation with Lightroom CC led to the conclusion that actually Apple's Photos app is far better in any way (except UI design imo). So, can anyone give me a reason why should consider using Lightroom CC over Apple Photos?

Apple Photos...

- cheaper (free Software, cheaper cloud storage)
- ...does the same thing as Lightroom CC (photos in cloud, process on any device)
- ...supports Live Photos
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Posted 9 months ago

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The sensai searching, presence of the camera raw editing engine (a LOT better than Apple's) and integration with Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic is still best of class in raw editing.
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Well the machine learning aspect is also pretty good with Apple, and you can count on them perfecting it over the next few years.

Regarding LR:classic, I am not sure how my workflow would look like when using CC and classic in parallel...
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Haven’t upgraded to High Sierra yet but after creating an Album in Apple Photos I didnt find it easy to just share a link to that Album.

Also, the iOS photos App is a mess to me. It offers and shows me things I don’t want to see..... loads of random albums, moments, memories, collections... messy.

And I’ve used Apple for nearly 25 years and iPhone since 3GS so like their products!
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I have high sierra and the photos app is unchanged. With that said, my android phone and photo editing is much better then this new Lightroom mobile and my Amazon prime gives me free unlimited storage of my photos...and syncs! So in answer to your question. The only thing I find useful here is being able to right click on a photo and select edit in photoshop. And having the edited file added back to my catalog. Also, notably, I can share my photos from my phones native gallery much more efficiently and with more apps, then the new Lightroom. The biggest issues I see here is that I cannot share to Adobe Stock, and I cannot maintain multiple catalogs. In lightrooom classic I have more then one catalog and can easily switch between them.
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I somewhat agree. I think Lightroom CC is meant for people like me who were starting to look at Apple Photos as a replacement to Lightroom Classic.

I am not a Pro, but I shoot Raw and take photo editing and management seriously. I was starting to question paying Adobe so much and also having to pay a cloud service for storage. Somehow Adobe read my mind.

I trust Adobe more when it comes to raw photo edits. And I think it does not lock you in to Apple OS. So if I ever switch to Android, I can keep having access to my photos without having to migrate to a non-Apple manager. The same can be said for Google Photos.