Camera Raw uses profile of Windows "main" monitor only in dual monitor setup

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Hi. I'm experiencing color issues with ACR 9.4 in a dual monitor setup. In my setup I have one wide gamut monitor and one normal gamut monitor. The normal gamut monitor is currently designated the primary display. I run color-sensitive applications exclusively on the wide gamut monitor, the secondary display. ACR appears to use the ICC profile of the monitor that is designated the "main display" in Windows, regardless of which of the two monitors I drag the ACR window to.

Photoshop CC correctly uses the ICC profile of whichever monitor the window is currently displayed on. My expectation is that ACR should exhibit the same behavior. However, what I observe with ACR is that it *always* uses the ICC profile of the main/primary display regardless of which monitor the ACR window is actually displayed on. (The ICC profile of the main display corresponds to what Photoshop calls Monitor RGB.)

The result is that, while Photoshop displays images in their correct colors on the wide gamut monitor,  ACR displays colors drastically different on my wide gamut monitor.


The only workaround I have found so far is I have to go into "Display Settings" within windows or my nvidia control panel ( yes drivers are up to date ) then click my wide gamut monitor and check "Make this my main display".

Then I have to open Photoshop ("Monitor RGB" now reflects the ICC profile of the wide gamut monitor).

Then go back into display settings and switch back the main display.

After that camera raw displays colors correctly until I close Photoshop then I have to repeat that process the next time I want to open Photoshop.


Below are a couple screenshots illustrating my issue. I have also posted this issue on the adobe forums

Both of the screenshots are taken from my wide gamut monitor.

- Normal monitor using generic srgb profile set as my "main display".

- Wide gamut monitor using custom ICC profile set as my "main display".

I am hoping this is a bug that will be addressed because it is very frustrating always having to go through the steps above every time I open Photoshop. 


System information:
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Version    6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

Photoshop version: CC 2015.1.2

Camera Raw version: 9.4

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Posted 3 years ago

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Still the same issue with ACR 9.6.1, CC 2015.5, Windows 10.
"Standard" sRGB monitor as primary Windows display, wide gamut monitor as secondary (primarily for PS).
Need to make the wide gamut monitor primary to get correct colors with ACR or Bridge. PS itself always displays colors  correctly. This is annoying as the Windows primary tasks should be done on the cheaper sRGB monitor.