Lightroom CC: Camera calibration - not profiles, just calibration

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Hello, I would like to ask when the calibration is coming to Lightroom CC? I love CC and I want to use it, but still can't transition from Classic because of the calibration, which makes such a difference on editing.

I'm talking specifically about those controllers:

Here is the picture made in Lightroom CC:

And here is the picture made in Lightroom Classic:

Both are good results, I think, but that last balance of colors, that you cannot get from the colors adjustment, makes a total difference.

By the way, the adjustments were made identical between CC and Classic (besides the calibration).

Please bring the calibration controls to CC and you will have a 100% satisfied customer there :D
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Actually, with the new creative profiles, you could save this correction as a new profile (in Camera Raw). After that, you can import it in Lightroom CC and so you could even use it in the mobile versions of Lightroom CC because these now get synced. Here's an explanation of how to do this:
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Can you explain how to create a profile with these settings for RAW files & JPEG? I have spent a full day researching and just need the exact steps to do so. Do I start with a RAW file, DNG or TIF file? Should the profile be Adobe Color, Standard? The person in the video shows the use of LUT files. Do I need to create a LUT file just to do the above camera calibration? Thanks! 
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I 100% back this request - it is a major element in which the CC version needs to incorporate. A lot of previous presets made in classic version are not 100% accurate in CC.. The answer above about saving the correction in CameraRaw is an extremely roundabout way on what could be a simple fix on just the feature back?

I've never understood why the new CC version (as adobe is trying to push everyone towards it) doesn't just copy the exact same features from classic if it wants to be the "go to" version.. the user interface is excellent, and syncing is a breeze to mobile - but it still in my eyes needs to bring in more features to be the preferred version..
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So true
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Because it is a rebuild, and those take time. It also allows you to get rid of all the bloat (which Lightroom Classic absolute needs since it is very convoluted in many areas).

Basic idea: strip away all features to the bare essentials, and then only add new features based (mostly) on community feedback (what this forum is for and I guess their user surveys that pop-up in the app). And since the application is fully in the cloud and running on mobile and tablets, I guess some stuff also take some time to implement in a cross-platform way. 

Search for what Apple did with Final Cut Pro X versus Final Cut Pro 7 to manage your expectations... only around now (4 years later) the feature set is considered very good and adequate for people willing to adapt to a new paradigm. My gut feeling is that we're going to have a similar trajectory with Lightroom. 
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100% agree, Calibration panel should be added to Lr CC.
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Amplifying this. I had to switch BACK to Classic due to the lack of this feature. PLEASE prioritize this, at is disrupting my workflow :(
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Also wish to see this implemented. I use camera calibrations on 80% of the photos i edit. I now have classic installed on 2 machines specifically because this feature is not available. Lack of this feature makes CC pointless and would want to see it on the mobile apps as well. This would enable me (and thousands of other users) to perform the same edits on my ipad or phone. Please fix! I remember reading about this issue months ago and figured it would have been addressed by now.. rather disappointing.
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FWIW guys, it would help your case if you could show examples of edits that you can only do with the legacy calibration sliders that you can't do with the more modern controls.
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I would like that. The more attention we get on this issue the better. Having had to switch back to Classic for these features, I have noticed just how much slower the preview reacts to the sliders, and am torn between using the two programs.
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Dear Adobe team, please add Camera calibration feature to Lightroom CC mobile version. It is such a usefull thing and it is sad it is not present. I am personally using mobile 90 % of time beacuse it is so much time-saver :-). Thank you very much. Looking forward to update ;-).
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Please add camera calibration... It will be so helpful for us who don't have pc or laptop
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Is this feature ever coming to CC mobile? I bought an iPad and apple pencil and 12 month subscription to Creative Cloud specifically to move away from the slow LR classic desktop version. However, for the type of editing i do LR CC is unusable to me (as good as it is).
I NEED CAMERA CALIBRATION and VIRTUAL COPY so i can create different colour style edits. Currently, it only lets me edit the original.
Sure, i can use Photoshop to alter the colour mix but i don't particularly want to edit all my photos from Jpeg.
Please can someone let me know if these features are in the pipeline. If they are never going to be added then there is no point in me renewing my subscription.
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This panel is only available in desktops version. It would very fictional in mobile versions.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Camera calibration sliders would be a welcome addition to Lightroom on the iPad.

Camera calibrations are used extensively on Lightroom classic but are not available on Lightroom for the iPad.
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I’m tired of waiting for calibration now. Reluctantly going to have to sell my new iPad and pencil and move back to the slow desktop classic version.

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