Photoshop / Lightroom: Calibration issues

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why does my photoshop CS2 and Lightroom 2.7 not show images consistant even though I use monitor calibration (windows vista 32 bit) when i edit an image from lightroom to photoshop they do not look similar as i would expect
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Posted 8 years ago

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How do you calibrate your monitor? What do you have specified in color management settings in CS2?

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I can't tell you for sure since I don't have either version, but I would guess that it has to do with your working color space between programs. A good place to start would be making sure that you're working color space is the same in both programs. In photoshop cs5 color settings are under the edit menu. Generally speaking the windows default is srgb and adobe program defaults are Adobe RGB... Adobe RGB is slightly more robust color space, but using srgb will help your images look consistent across computers and the web. Hope that gets you on the right track
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Hi Peter,

The appearance in color of an image edited in Photoshop and Lightroom depends on the image being used and can depend on the Color Settings in Photoshop. This is a bit complicated, particularly if you're not versed in color management, but here's three links that might help:

In the last link you can check out the comments at the end of the article, it looks like someone had a similar question.

The short answer is that raw image files in Lightroom are displayed with a ProPhoto RGB color space with a (displayed) tone reproduction curve (gamma) of 2.2. Unless you use a custom-made color profile in Photoshop this working space doesn't exist, because ICC-based ProPhoto uses a gamma of 1.8. Lightroom is designed to let you get the best out of the raw color data in your raw image files, where Photoshop is more designed for an ICC-based workflow where images are already tagged with a particular device-independent color profile. If you use an sRGB tagged jpeg, for example, in both LR and PS, they should look the same provided your PS color settings display the embedded profile of the image (this is the default setting in PS).

The first link in particular explains Lightroom's system of color management and should help you out.

If you have further questions please ask. Hope this helps!
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thank so much I have to say I also have noticed jpegs/raw appear different and am still considering all the issues that you have raised.
i do use Icc profiles and my moniter is set with a huey pantony i have found that it helps to have simular background colours for both apllications and i will let you know fo any otherpoints that i could share
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All tagged rendered images in Develop (and raws) should match the color appearance in Photoshop when both are viewed at 100% (1:1). An untagged document in either could be a problem (in LR, all untagged documents are assumed to be in sRGB, in Photoshop they are assumed to be whatever you have selected from the RGB working space popup).