Bug in LightRoom with generating corrupt thumbnails in W7 Explorer

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In average 6 out of 7 thumbnails in W7 explorer are OK when exporting JPG files out of LR4. But 1 out of 7 is corrupted. In such case you see a top part of the picture in the thumbnail and the bottom part is grey.

Dechen: Luuk, please right click on the corrupted image and click on Update thumbnail and let me know.

I understand what you say and I will try. But what you are suggesting is only a work around for a bug in LightRoom. I would appreciate if this bug also can be noted for resolution in next release.

Dechen: Thank you, let me provide you the bug reporting form also.

Dechen: Please click here get the Bug report form.

Thanks for the form. I will do that. By the way, I don't have the option to update the thumbnail when right-clicking. But I know the other work around by copying the file to an other drive.

Dechen: You are welcome.

Dechen: Please try that.

Dechen: If you still face problem, let me provide you the phone support number our team in your region as the serial number is in Dutch language, so you will get better assistance.

Dechen: If you need further assistance, feel free to contact them. They will be happy to check and help you.

Sorry, when going to that page, I don't get a form. I might be a bit ignorant, but am I overlooking something?

Dechen: Please click here and choose the country and click on Go.

OK. I don't see a subject which matches.... I am soo stupid....

Dechen: After you choose Lightroom 4, you will get "Feedback Site on Photoshop.com", please click on it.

There is no choice option LR4. Can't I send a mail? Please?

Dechen: Please search for Photoshop Lightroom.

Wherever I click, every time it brings me to the same pages with telephone numbers and this chat option. It makes me mad.

Dechen: Luuk that link is to get the phone support number our team in your region.

Dechen: For the bugs report, please click on the above link " : Please click here get the Bug report form.".

Dechen: Is there anything else I can help you with?

So no form? I called the support in NL already and they send me to this site for creating a web case for a bug. That brought me to you and now you send me back again. That is a circle....

What now? Will the bug be solved? Or should I stop crying?

Dechen: Luuk, I am sorry for the inconvenience cause to you. If you have report bug for Lightroom 4. I am sure that our Engineer will definitely look for it and release next update for Lightroom 4 to resolve this type of issue.

Dechen: However Adobe has already released Lightroom 4.1 Beta version, you can download Lightroom 4.1 and install it.

So, is the problem noted for resolution? I do you only want to get rid of me?

Dechen: Luuk, I will be more than happy to help you, however to report for bug, you will have to fill the form and our engineer will takecare og Bug report.

That is exactly what I want: filling in the form to report a bug. So.... please send me the form that works. Please!

Dechen: Would you like me to provide you with link to download Lightroom 4.1 Beta version?

I have that link already from your duch colleague. But this bug was, according to him not in the release notes. That is why I want to report it.

Dechen: Please click here to get the Feedback form for Photoshop Lightroom.

Dechen: Once you open the page, please type you report and click on Continue.

Dechen: Our Engineer will check your feedback and they will definitely implement on next release.

Dechen: We are thankful for your bug report.
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