Bug Report: Photoshop - Scripts work incorrectly when applied via Batch from Bridge

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This bug has been giving me headaches for years, at least since Photoshop/Bridge 2015.

Here are all the steps to reproduce it, it is still present in Photoshop 2020 (the latest version as I am writing this is 21.1.2.)

Here's the simplest script I could think of to illustrate this, it simply resizes the image to 800x600px@300dpi (as long as your ruler units are in pixels), saves the file and closes it:
#target photoshop
app.activeDocument.resizeImage(800, 600, 300);
* Save this as a javascript .jsx file in the Presets\Scripts folder.
* Now restart Photoshop a create an action that simply calls this script.
* Open any random jpg file and run the action - everything works as expected, the file is resized, saved and closed, no questions asked.
* Now, open a folder with at least two jpg files in it in BRIDGE, select 2 jpg files and from the BRIDGE menu choose Tools > Photoshop > Batch... The BATCH window opens in Photoshop.
* In the Play section of the Batch window select the action that you created earlier that plays the script.
* Set DESTINATION to NONE (the script saves the file).
* Press OK to run the batch.
* And here's the issue: the first file is opened and then the Image Size dialog is opened, waiting for you to interact with it. Instead, it should just run the script and not ask the user for any interaction. This happens for every command that has a corresponding dialog in Photoshop - Transform, Resize, Save, etc. Their dialog windows open instead of just applying the command. This makes many scripts unusable with a large batch from Bridge. If you just open the files in Photoshop and for SOURCE use "Opened Files", everything works as expected. So the issue happens only with a batch from Bridge.

I would be happy if somebody from Adobe just acknowledges this issue.


PS: this script is irrelevant, I am only using it to demonstrate the issue with using a script via Batch from Bridge, which is my actual problem.
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