Premiere Elements 13: Bug in muxing with MTS setting

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There is a bug in the muxing under MTS in PRE13. Using the MTS-H264 1080i preset the resulting movie has jittery video and/or audio. However if the movie is rendered into separate audio and video streams by turning off multiplexing, the separate streams are fine. Furthermore if these streams are then entered into a new PRE13 project for muxing the problems recur whereas if they are muxed in PRE10 the result is fine. PRE13 therefore introduces a problem into the muxing process. Is there any chance you can release a patch to fix this?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Philip,
We need your help in recreating this issue so we can think of a fix. I see your comments in the user forum.

My test project comprises a still pic with pan/zoom and some effects, 6 video clips and a WMA lossless audio on the soundtrack line.

My base case is a movie rendered in PRE10 using MTS-H2641920x1080i 25 preset. The result is a smooth video and audio.

Test 1 - using the same settings in PRE13 with h/w acc'n on. Pan/zoom flickers and jerky. Video flickers, jerky. Audio stutters with some crackles.

Test 2 - as for Test 1 but with h/w acc'n off. Pan/zoom no flicker and smooth. Video no flicker fairly smooth. Audio stutter and crackle

But Test 11 - as for Test 1, with export video only. Pan/zoom and video both fine even though the h/w acc'n is on. So it is not the h/w acc'n on it's own causing the video problem.

I also separately removed the audio from the clips and the WMA file under Test 1. In both cases the video and remaining audio were distorted.

Test 8 - as for Test 1 but with VBR set at 15-18mbps. Video flickers and stutters but audio is fine similar to base case.

Test 9 as for Test 2 but with VBR set at 15-18mbps. Video and audio fine similar to base case.

Tests 3&4: using MP4 preset with adjusted audio as suggested with and w/o h/w acc'n. Both cases the same. Audio fine. Video does not flicker but not as good where the video camera pans as the MTS setting. ( I have noticed this with PE10 too which is why I tend not to use MP4).

1) There must be something in the way the audio interacts with the h/w acc'n to cause video distortion.
2) This audio problem is not specific to the type of audio input.
3) Lowering the video bit rate under h/w acc'n fixes the audio. Removing the h/w acc'n as well then fixes the video.
3) The effect is limited to the M2T settings.
4) The effect is caused by a change in the software program from PRE10 to PRE13"

Could you give details on the following:
1. The format of the video clips used
2. Could you share the prel file with me? This will be the project file that you have used for your tests, and should be located in the Documents\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements\13.0 folder (Default location)
3. Are you able to reproduce with a more minimal set of clips, say just images or a single video with its audio etc.?
4. What is the graphics card on the machine?

Premiere Elements team
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I have the same problem. My camera (Sony HDR-CX900E) takes video in MTS and MP4 format. When I load the MP4 into Pre13 the picture is stable. However, the MTS format is jittery as Phillip reported.