LIGHTROOM: facial recognition data not saved - potential data loss

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i have the option to automatically save XMP data into the images activated.

so all keywords and metadata changes are not only saved to the catalog but also into my DNG and TIFF images.

now this works fine for everything except the new face recognition data.

i mean the areas (rectangles) where the faces are.

i guess the problem is that the images already contain the keywords (names) of the persons in the images.

what i did was using the rectangles to identify the persons in the images. drawing rectangles around their faces and name them.

this info about the rectangle positions is NOT automatically stored in the image files. not after hours of letting LR run idle.

this info is only stored when i manually save (CTRL+S) the images or do something other to the metadata (like adding NEW keywords to it).

so in short: just adding the face region data (the rectangles) will not trigger the automatic XMP save function when the name keyword was already asigned as keyword to the image.

that ́s very bad and must considered a bug in my opinion..

i don ́t like to rely on the LR catalog only. it ́s unsave even with backups.

i want that the metadata info is stored in the images.

also when i give away my images i want that the metadata is in the images.

that ́s why "automatically save XMP" is always active and very important for me.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I can reproduce this -- drawing a face rectangle, without typing a person name into the rectangle's label box, does not trigger the auto-save. However, as soon as you type a person name into the label box, the auto-save occurs.

I think few people would manually draw face rectangles and not enter the person name, though.
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There is something flaky here, because I can reproduce this -- and sometimes worse. Started with .nef that had no keywords. 1) First drawn-and-named face rectangle triggered the auto-save that had face region info; 2) drew and named a second one, auto-save was not triggered. 3) Went to Map module, placed same image > auto-save triggered, saving both GPS and second face region.
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@John R. Ellis

when the KEYWORD is already assigned to the image BEFORE you draw the rectangle the autosave is NOT triggered as i wrote.

please read carefully. i know my english is not good but i tried my best. :)

even when you type in the peoples names in the rectangle in people view but they are ALREADY stored in the metadata, the autosave is not triggered.

and that is something that will happen quite often.
because most people will have name keywords in their old images already.

only when you draw the rectangle, write the name and this name keyword is NOT in the metadata the autosave i triggered.

tested on 3 systems.
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Thanks for the clarification -- I didn't completely understand the steps you wree doing from your first post. But your second one is perfectly clear.

I agree that is a pretty common situation and a more serious bug.
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Official Response
Thanks, Tanja, I am able to reproduce this problem, and I have reported it to the Lightroom engineers.