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Lately I have this problem with PS 2020 that after restarting it it'd delete my brushes. Along with the tool presets (I save some frequently used brushes there). This happened last night, now after the program crashed and I restarted it, everything's gone again, but the previous tool preset is back.
This is pretty crazy because I need to import my brushes every time, so not exactly convenient.
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Posted 2 months ago

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I'm not real clear what you're saying is happening. It's deleting your imported presets just after quitting and launching, or it's deleting your imported presets after a crash and restart?

The first case would be unusual, not impossible. It could be a case of corrupt preferences and you'd  need to delete and create fresh preferences in that case.  See:

However, in the case of a crash, if you haven't imported and quit normally, no crash, and then relaunched PS before crashing, your preferences aren't saved properly in the first place. It will always revert to the last properly saved Settings (preferences). This is expected and normal behavior—whether or not it's desirable behavior is another conversation, but Adobe hasn't chosen to change it since the beginning of time.

Someday a Sync feature will make it all easier, but until then, the solution is to import your presets, then quit Photoshop and relaunch before continuing. That should help you have the ones you want loaded against the event of a crash. If you routinely load some presets for a project that's going to last awhile, you'll need to repeat the import, quit, relaunch procedure every time you make a significant change to your presets.

Let us know more if neither of these scenarios is quite what you were trying to describe, along with your system information in the event you need Adobe staff or other members here who are computer gurus to look into it.

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Do you create and save a custom workplace and if so do you tick to also save tools and menus?

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I know what you mean, it has happens to me often but no all the time, strange. For the brushes I have created I have created an action to import them back and if the brushes go away, I use the action. Good Luck! 
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Make sure your app is fully updated. This was a bug with an early version, but has been fixed in one of the last releases.
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Sorry for the late update, but here it is:
PS didn't crash, it just deleted my custom brush presets. So I'd save a brush I like in the presets for quick access, and then it's gone... randomly

As it turns out, the problem was that I put the computer to sleep usually, and then sometimes I jsut need to randomly restart it. But ps needs sessions to be saved... and if that doesn't happen, my stuff go brr :)
So I guess it was on me, thank you everyone for trying to help tho!