Brushes, and how good they could be.

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Please make it so you can have on one layer brushes to allow you to say, paint with one brush tine black lines for your line drawings, with colour, pressure, opacity, and different shortcut embedded into the brush, have them available to be embedded into the top of the photoshop menu.. like where you have the flow and optasity options, as quick switchable brush buttons, where you can see what they are and what they do.

(say they are a big brush with 18% optasity no line pressure, and does not go overtop of previous lines [so you don't have the annoying effect of the lines getting darker everytime you draw over them] instead of having to make a new layer, put the layer optop of the underneath line drawing, open up the layers tab, change the optasity of the layer to say 18% as my preference, then make sure your bush is a pure black colour, if it's not, go to the colour selector, set it to black. one thats done, make sure you hsve your nice think brush selected, if you want to do some more thinner lines for shadows, you need to open up back the brush preset tab, get you brush, or manually make the size correct for what you want, the draw your shadow, if you want to go back and adjust the line drawings, you need to go back and open the timeline, find your line drawings layer, select it, open back up the brush size preset menu, select the right size, make sure the colour of your brush is correct, then... draw a line.
see what i mean.. confer some is a great understatement.

you should also be able to embed certain keyboard shortcuts to be active when the. brush is sellected. and when you have. the brush sellected it should only erase line drawn by that brush.
if you used colours on that brush, they should be EASIALY selectable. like for instance. a stand allow bar like the side toolbar bar, with just the colours used on the brush, thith the ability to sort them by clicking snd dragging the order, snd being able to easily pin, and delete colours, so painting and colouring is not impossible in Photoshop.. no one need to spend 2 out of every 8 hours working around their software.
AND if you adjust the colour of the colours used on the side, you can choose to replace the colour of all the lines drawn by that colour in the side menu when adjusted, so colouring is easy, and add a script to replace all lines drawn by that colour to the new colour, so that someone doesn't have to go through every frame with that colour, and repaint, or colour replace tool each time, also add an option to when drawing with one brush, to only effect the colour the user set the colour of their brush to be, (should be a toggle-able option on the top bar with the brushes, all that irrelevant space is an eyesore. let us customize it, if we haven't, and will never use an option like brush flow optasity, or blending mode because it'd be in out brush anyway, allow use to remove it from view to allow for more brush presets ontop.

when a brush you should be able to embed keyboard shortcuts into them, so you can for instance, when colouring have a colour when you paint normally, then have your b colour be used when you hold your pens "A" bottom, then have when you hold your pen's "B" botton you use your third set colour, and also PLEASE add a "C" colour, we need to be fast, and no painter uses just 2 colours. this would allow painters to bind the colours to keyboard shortcut embedded in the brush as i said above.

and in the brush other end of the pen should be able to be customizable be be anything, a brush preset for instance, and since key shortcuts are embedded into the brush selected, the user could change holding the "A" button on the brush to be an easer, of again, a cusomizeible size per brush. this would help so much, so instead of having a user having to control and work around 3-6 layer per frame [colour layer a, colours layer {so that one can colour different things to be under each other so its easier} lines, shadows, highlights, background.. pls..\
and that's for one layer, how do you expect this to work..? doesn't
or you could have a smart program who knows how you draw. and 1/8th the processing power it needs do to it not needing to process the around 800-1,200 layers per 1:30 of animation.. you know just a thought.
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