Photoshop CS6: Brush stroke getting spottier/blurrier with diameter increase instead of getting actually larger

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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to scale up the Lino Crayon erodible brush. No matter what size I set the diameter (of the brush tip itself, or the dual brush it uses), it does not get any bigger. Instead, it just gets more blurry and spotty while drawing the same width of line.

The brush I'm using:

The default settings:

Result of different diameters:

What's maddening is that I WAS able to get it working, sort of, but only erratically, and I couldn't change the size on the fly. I had to randomly swap in and out of different brush presets and keep coming back to the Lino Crayon and hope it would work. At this point, I can't get it to do anything larger than 9px. I've reset all the brush settings multiple times, and it doesn't seem to pick up anything from the last brush used except the diameter size – but again it only looks right when I put it back around 9px. Makes no difference whether I'm using my Wacom tablet or just the touchpad of my MacBook Pro, or whether I adjust the diameter using the keyboard, brush panel, or contextual popup. Nothing works.

Please tell me there's something incredibly obvious I'm missing so I can stop beating my head against the table. I JUST WANT TO DRAW WIDER LINES.

Photoshop CS6 on Mac OS 10.10.2
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Posted 4 years ago

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The dual brush settings for that brush are not scaling, and limiting it's size.
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I wish that were the case – the dual brush IS scaling, which is why this is so baffling. It maintains the following settings regardless of size, in case it's relevant at all:
Spacing: 39%
Scatter: 0%
Count: 1

The main brush settings keep 3% softness and 10% spacing at all times, though I do notice that the default Erodible Point shape changes to Custom whenever I alter the size. Doesn't seem to matter though, since I can set it back to erodible and still get the same result.

According to the brush panel, the dual brush maintains a 3x scale over the main diameter.
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Since the brush uses an erodible point it will always come to a point when the tip is sharp. You can erode down the tip some and and save a new preset, or change to a different erodible tip shape such as erodible round to get a shape that will yield different initial results with preset size change.