Lightroom Mobile: Bring back option to save camera photos to album

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Bring back option to save camera photos to album And not just the all photos section. I found it very useful for my photos to go to an album on my trips. Saved time organizing them later.
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Adam Woods

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Posted 1 year ago

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Michael Hoffman

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I miss this feature for the same reason. I go on a shoot, or on a trip, and create a folder for the event. Shooting directly into that folder was perfect. Now, I have to go to the conglomerate “LR Camera Photos,” and move them to the desired album. Please bring back the old behavior, or at least make it an option in settings! Thanks for listening.
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Yan Kuang

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Lightroom CC for mobile used to be that, when a user is in an album they've created, and launch the camera, all the picture taken during that time period is processed, uploaded, and automatically added to that album. But it doesn't do that anymore, it just processed and uploaded to the main storage. Since there's no way of filtering out items not in album / collection, and raw photos takes a bit to process, is hard to find what you took and loose track.
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Lynette Kent

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I'll vote for that return to the way it was!!

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Let me add my vote and voice to this request!! 
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Woodrow Wilson

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Is this a bug, or is it a feature they have taken away? Thanks for answering - 

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It was "fixed" in response to people complaining about the previous behavior!
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Adam Woods

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Maybe they should make it a setting a give users an option.
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Reid Thaler

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Why take away something instead of giving people a choice? This was really integral to my workflow, and what I taught my students. Now I have a whole group of students that I taught a workflow Based on shooting into a collection that doesn't work anymore. It's a lot easier to shoot into a collection then it is to have to assigned to a collection.
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ron proulx

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really missing this fantastic way to file photos as we took them. why get rid of it? it worked incredibly well. please bring it back. such a hassle to have to go in later manually and move things. 
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Mats Skoglund

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I also want to be able to shoot directly to an Album. I want to keep track of what I shoot with the mobile camera and what albums are synced for the purpose of Adobe portfolio. Now I need to remember to move every photo I shoot into my designated album.
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I also miss this feature. 
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Gary Huff

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I really want this feature back, I used it all the time, now I have to do extra work to organize everything.
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Carlindo Lago

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Very sad to lose this very useful option. Adobe, please change your mind!
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Meredith Dittmar

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Another vote for this time saving feature! 
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several months ago (even 1 or 2 years ago) when a collection is opened the new picture taken with the phone within LR app was automatically stored into that collection.
Now it goes to « all pictures » and i have to go there to copy into the desired collection.
Why ???
Mr and Miss Adobe please come back to initial process