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Use cases:
1 HDR images (3 shots exposure bracketed)
2 360 degree panoramas (27 shots with identical settings)
3 360 degree HDR panoramas (27 x 3 shots exposure bracketed=81 shots)
4 Combinations of the above, e.g. 12 shot HDR panoramas
This adds up to thousands of shots a year, so the automation has big payoffs for myself and other similar photographers.

The autostack feature of Bridge hasn't successfully detected the above.

For a folder of HDR sets (1 above), Bridge finds some of them but not others. Sometimes it puts two brackets together, sometimes three, sometimes there are orphan images, sometimes there are two images from a set combined with a third image from another set. I get a similar results for 3 and 4.
Bridge doesn't recognise the panoramas (2,3, and 4)

My shooting pattern for each use case is...
1) 3 frames within a second (continuously shooting).
2) 8 frames with 2 to 5 seconds gap in between each shot, and a 10 to 20 second gap between rows of the panorama (there are three rows). Followed by a 20 to 40 second gap until the final shot.
3) A combination of 1 and 2: Three frames continuous followed by 2 to 5 seconds gap to rotate the pano head...
4) similar to 3

If I take night photos, the exposure time is much longer, at least 8 seconds but the gaps between the end of one exposure and the start of the next are as above.
It would be unreasonable to expect the Autostack function to work if there were LDR single-shots sprinkled in amongst the panoramas and HDR sets.

Other photographers report the same issues as myself in numerous forums around the web. They are looking at other software for this functionality.

1) Can the user configure the settings used to detect and arrange photos using the autostack tool, such as the time ranges to use, or check boxes to look for HDR, panoramas, or HDR panoramas? It might be necessary to distinguish between 360 panoramas and speherical panoramas as they will have different chareacteristics (a pause between rows, and a long pause before setting up an offset Nadir).
2) Can the existing algorithm be enhanced to use the EV pattern or EXIF bracketing information to help with the groupings? The time between individual panoramas will be a number of minutes at the least.
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