Bridge Performance Crawls While Generating Previews PS CC 2020 21.2 BRIDGE

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Bridge performance crawls and ties up entire laptop while "Generating Previews." Ties up EVERYTHING. Wacom tablet will not work, cannot CMD-TAB to other applications running in macOS 10.14.6 (18G5033). Large folder (>100 files) causes fan to start. Obviously using 100% of 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 (although can't switch to Performance Monitor to tell). Scratch disk, Bridge Cache and folders on SSD drive. Occurs during initial write to to Bridge Cache as well as after opening all files in ACR (like, to apply the same lens correction to all files).

  Model Name:    MacBook Pro
  Model Identifier:    MacBookPro15,1
  Processor Name:    Intel Core i7
  Processor Speed:    2.6 GHz
  Number of Processors:    1
  Total Number of Cores:    6
  L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB
  L3 Cache:    9 MB
  Hyper-Threading Technology:    Enabled
  Memory:    32 GB
  Boot ROM Version:    1037. (iBridge: 17.16.15290.0.0,0)
  System Version:    macOS 10.14.6 (18G5033)
  Kernel Version:    Darwin 18.7.0
Macintosh HD:
  Available:    48.96 GB (48,964,304,896 bytes)
  Capacity:    1 TB (1,000,240,963,584 bytes)
  Mount Point:    /
  File System:    APFS
  Writable:    Yes
  Ignore Ownership:    No
  BSD Name:    disk1s1
  Volume UUID:    973FD0D1-F8BE-4005-BE48-5C1AD6B43754
  Physical Drive:
  Device Name:    APPLE SSD AP1024M
  Media Name:    AppleAPFSMedia
  Medium Type:    SSD
  Protocol:    PCI-Express
  Internal:    Yes
  Partition Map Type:    Unknown
  S.M.A.R.T. Status:    Verified

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I should add, these are large RAW files: NIKON D850 NEF - 45Mpx NEF, 54MB each. Still, it should not tie up entire laptop regardless of size (should behave nicely like every other Mac app). Apple has, by the way, received many crash reports from when I was finally able to get out of Bridge and open up Force Quit. This happens all the time when large update to many files.
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This is happening to me too, on a PC (specs below).  With Bridge open, when I select a folder with 1009 PSD files, it takes 27 seconds for the first thumbnails to appear and 1:40 for it to complete "Building Criteria."  If I try to move the Content panel slider during this time, the screen goes light and Windows reports that Bridge is not responding.  Even after several minutes with that folder open, when I try to scroll more than about 20% of the way up or down, it takes 10-15 seconds to scroll and about half the time, Windows reports that Bridge is not responding.

Please don't tell me it's a drive issue.  I can open a file in Photoshop from that folder in less than 5 seconds.  I can scroll around in Windows Explorer easily and quickly open a raw file in ACR by double-clicking it in Explorer.  Backing up from that drive goes at 145 MBs over USB 3.1.  Cache is on a 256 GB SSD that has 140 GB free.

Other folders are almost as slow.  One has 2940 items (1882 hidden), a mixture of NEF, ARW, and PSD files.  Clicking on that folder, it takes 4 seconds for the first thumbnails to appear and 17 seconds for it to complete building criteria.  Again, long scrolls take several seconds and Windows frequently reports that Bridge is not responding.

This behavior happens every time I open these folders (or any other folder - just not as dramatically).  Nothing is running on the PC except Bridge and PS.

Bridge has been slooooowwww for a long time now.  Every time I get a popup asking me to rate Bridge, I comment that Adobe should pause adding features and fix performance.  Sadly, the latest Bridge made performance worse - not better.

PC Specs:
I-7 6800K
32 GB memory (PS can use 70%)
4 TB Western Digital Black HD, 1.8 TB free
Windows Pro 64 bit
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I have same experience on PC, while opening much smaller folders. I use both bridge 2018 and 2020. My experience is that 2018 is much worse than 2020. I often just quit Bridge using TaskManager, because Bridge does not respons at all. This happens for some years. Is a known issue, always declined in communications by Adobe.