Bridge: Sort by EXIF (i.e. Date/Time, and need to clarify exactly which field is being used for sorting)

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Please add the ability to sort the photos by EXIF information. Particularly important is the EXIF Date/Time the photo was taken. Bridge currently only allows for sorting by the file date, which is often modified and not representative of the actual time the picture was taken.  Sorting by EXIF Date seems very essential for a photo viewer.  It is probably the most common and meaningful sort that people want and the default in many photo programs such as Apple Photo or even Lightroom.  ACDSee has this since over a decade.  The web is full of posts of people that are looking for this feature in Bridge and can't find it.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I am with you on this one.
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Yes, good idea!
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I believe that Bridge has both a “Date Created” (Exif) and a “Date Modified” from the OS. This can be viewed in say list mode (right click on the column headers and add or change as required) and is also visible in the metadata panel under file properties/camera data (exif). I saved a photo today, which lists and sorts by both the original “date created” and the “edited modified" dates.

List view:

Metadata panel/File Properties:

Metadata panel/Camera Data (Exif):

Am I misunderstanding the feature request?
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I think you understand the feature request, but are giving your own screenshots the benefit of the doubt.  Date Created is NOT coming from EXIF, but from the file. In your case, they coincidentally are the same, making this harder to see.  Both Date Created and Date Modified are from the OS.  So your screenshots are not showing me that Adobe Bridge can sort by EXIF date.  You might have noted how quickly others gave me the +1 on this...  I took a screenshot of the sorting options I have.  Sorting by EXIF date is missing!

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Perhaps I am misunderstanding the data presented, however I try not to presume anything and generally test before posting a reply.

So I looked at different files than I used when I originally replied.

A recent event was last Saturday, which was the 2nd April 2016.

ExifTool reports the following for one of these images:
Date/Time Original              : 2016:04:02 15:25:45
Create Date                     : 2016:04:02 15:25:45
Date Created                    : 2016:04:02 15:25:45
Create Date                     : 2016:04:02 15:25:45.459
Date/Time Original              : 2016:04:02 15:25:45.459 
I opened one of these original camera files today (5th April) and saved it from Photoshop, this is the reported date using ExifTool:

File Modification Date/Time     : 2016:04:05 14:10:56+10:00
File Access Date/Time           : 2016:04:05 14:11:19+10:00
File Inode Change Date/Time     : 2016:04:05 14:10:56+10:00

So there is my third party baseline metadata for comparison, which matches the dates and times that the original shot was taken and when it was saved as a copy from Photoshop.

Now, let’s take a look at what Bridge CS6 or CC reports for the same exact file:

Content Panel in List View:

Metadata Panel/File Properties:

Metadata Panel/Camera Data (Exif):

So where am I going wrong with my understanding of the info Bridge is displaying vs. ExifTool vs. the actual date/time that these events took place? It all seems to line up...

EDIT: Here are the actual tags reported by ExifTool (System vs. Exif vs. XMP):

[System]  FileModifyDate      : 2016:04:05 14:15:17+10:00
[System]  FileInodeChangeDate : 2016:04:05 14:15:18+10:00
[ExifIFD] DateTimeOriginal : 2016:04:02 15:25:45
[ExifIFD] CreateDate : 2016:04:02 15:25:45
[XMP-xmp] CreateDate : 2016:04:02 15:25:45
[XMP-xmp] ModifyDate : 2016:04:05 14:15:15+10:00
[XMP-xmp] MetadataDate : 2016:04:05 14:15:15+10:00
[XMP-photoshop] DateCreated : 2016:04:02 15:25:45

It does not appear to matter whether they are EXIF or XMP, they all match the date/time that the image was captured (2nd April) and the date/time that the image was saved as a copy from Photoshop (5th April).

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I think Date Created does come from the EXIF data from the camera file. To check nothing had gone wrong lately,  I just looked at photos taken in Afghanistan by someone other than myself and not put on my computer for another 9 months. The date created sort produces a proper sort on the date in Afghanistan that they were taken. It's most definitely not the date the file was created on the computer (JPEG). Raw files only show the Date Created (accurately) and Date File Modified, since no file was actually created on the computer.

However, I've also noticed from time to time it can get it a bit buggy and the Date Created gets corrupted, such that I am seeing Created and Modified with the same impossible date. I think it may be a corrupt cache issue, since it comes and goes, without permanently affecting the Date Created info. 
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I am using a newer version of Adobe Bridge now and indeed the 'Date Created' is coming from exif and is the exif Date/Time Original.  Thanks Stephen for the screenshots that got me to try this again. Maybe I was just heavily confused here due to bad naming or possibly due to Bridge caching dates or due to a difference between an older/newer Bridge version.  Sorting by 'Date Created' now gave me the desired exif sort.  

I do recommend a more clear UI though.  The date listed under File Properties as 'Date Created' is in fact the exif date and not the file date. See screenshot with comparison with Finder.  Notice the absence of the word 'File' in front of Created.  For the sort it would help a lot if it would say 'Date Created (exif)', making it absolutely clear what is meant.

 I will try using this 'Date Created' sort as my exif sort now for a while and report if I end up with issues.  For the moment it looks resolved, apart from the UI clarifications.