Bridge 2018 ( new smart collections fails

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When creating a new smart collection in Bridge it is not visible in the collection panel after save.
Looking into my folders I find that the new collection is created in the folder c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CC\Collections\. However, only the collections in the folder c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CC 2018\Collections\ are shown in the collections panel.
If I move the new smart collection manually over to the Bridce CC 2018 collections folder, it becomes visible.
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Reinhard Kietzmann

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Posted 2 years ago

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Lee Backer

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I had a similar experience. I created a smart collection in Bridge CC 2018, and it was stored with my Bridge CC 2017 collections. Thank you Reinhard for giving me this workaround solution.
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Peter Astle

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Worse problem with Smart Collections in Bridge CC 2018!
Can't create them at all. In the dialogue box when I press Save nothing happens and the dialogue box remains open.  I have not had previous versions of Bridge installed nor are there any other Bridge folders as described above.
My system is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit freshly installed on a new PC and my Adobe CC software is also freshly installed.  All software installations are on a brand new SSD so the problem is definitely not related to old installations.
Have tried everywhere I can without success to find a solution short of reinstalling Bridge.
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Michael Madsen

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It doesnt work. You cant use Smart Collections in Adobe Bridge (latest version as of today x64).
Reinstalling doesnt work.
It's a bug that Adobe has yet to fix.
Bridge will attempt to save the Smart Collection in the WRONG filepath and if you dont have a prior install it doesnt work. 

For some inexplicable reason Adobe seems to have totally giving up on developing Bridge. There's stil a HUGE  userbase who rely on Bridge AND DONT want to use LR as DAM (for a million good reasons) /rant 

If we all file bug reports, maybe someone will prioritize using 5 minutes to change the filepath in the code ... 

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David Converse

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Adobe has not given up on developing Bridge.

As for Smart Collections, I just tested and it works fine in Bridge 8.1. Saved into the correct folder.

Have you tried resetting Bridge preferences?
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Peter Astle

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Smart Collections do indeed work in the latest version of Adobe Bridge CC 2018.  I just cannot save a new one. As for resetting Bridge Preferences - too much work involved to reinstate everything.
I found a work around - (on PC) got to UserName>AppData>Roaming>Adobe>Bridge CC 2018>Collections. Copy and paste an existing collection, restart Bridge and the new collection (i.e. copy of an old one) is indeed visible.  Then it can be edited as required and saved as normal.  A bit long winded but it works!