Lightroom: Book module needs more text formatting tools

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I am looking at the book module. I really like it and it's an awesome way to make books. But it's very limited when it comes to text formatting - for example one cannot choose the text to be in "small caps" like in photoshop and pretty much every other program. Is this something you will add? I hope you do.

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Kasper Gustavsson
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Posted 8 years ago

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Jacques-Jean Tiziou

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It's great being able to include some dynamic text in the print templates (captions, keywords, credit info etc) but it's a bit disappointing to have it restricted to a single block of single-font text. It would be great to have a few basic layout controls.

If we could at least include line breaks or carriage returns, that would be a great start. A bit more sophisticated layout editor would be great (For example, maybe I want to print images four to a page with captions in 10pt Garamond and credit info in 8pt Verdana bold or some such) -

Of course, at some point, it's better to use InDesign, but a little bit of extra versatility in the use of text in the templates would be powerful.

Same goes for location of text-> Maybe I want the image's filename centered above the image, with the caption below it, left-aligned. Would be great to be able to do this in Lightroom.


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This would be a big help for me as well. For example, I just produced 65 head shots for a high school play, and I had to manually create 65 copies of an Identify Plate in Photoshop just to have a different actor name and part on each plate (the plate is actually a fancy stained glass border, with actor name on top border and part name on bottom border). Then, for each of the 65 prints, I had to change the identify plate in the print module to create each print.

With the suggestion above for dynamic text in the print templates, I could have made just one generic identity plate in Photoshop, and then (ideally) have the print module pull text from two different metadata fields (e.g. Title and Caption) to populate the text fields in the top and bottom borders automatically, dramatically simplifying the workflow for the headshots.

This would require, of course, the ability to have basic layout controls (text box placement, font, size, ability for line breaks).

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I agree with this threads point that text formatting need to be expanded. As mentioned above, carriage returns, differing font size and - in my case - the option to make text bold. I feel these are modest requests that wouldn't impinge on the demand for InDesign.
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Have you used Book? Carriage returns, differing font sizes, bold - all there.
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I am just trying out the new book module and really like it very much. there are nice templates and graphics. however, i hope to see proper layouting options added in the final version.

For example having:
- a full text editor (with all text attributes like we are used to work in ms word, pages or indesign including tab stopps and text flowing from one box to another, instead of inventing the wheel all new)

For clear voting i opened separate, additional Feature requests close to this topic

cheers, Aron

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I also would like this. At the very least there should be the ability to underline text.