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I installed the update for cs6 that came out in the last week and ever since Adobe Bridge CS6 ( x64) is very sluggish and not very responsive. Not crashing just very slow. One example is when I select 3 thumbnails I pick on the first and hold down shift and pick the third photo and it takes over 10 seconds for it to return the selection. Same is true on the menus, just selecting the menu item at the top "window" it took about 7 seconds for it to highlight and work. Did some configuration get changed I need to address or did de-install time warp. :)

Win7 x64, 24gb ram, i7cpu
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Stephen Armstrong

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Posted 6 years ago

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Bob Brennan

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I have the same Issue: Bridge CS6 Unresponsive.

2 second lag after clicking on any menu item.
4-8 second lag after right clicking on any image.
3 second lag while selecting images with arrow keys.
2 second lag selecting multiple images

My system is high performance:
. 12 Core 3.3Ghz Xeon Processors
. 24GB RAM
. Primary drive is 8 SSDs in a RAID0 configuration
. Dual nVidia Quadro FX5400
. OS: Win7 x64

CS5 and CS5.5 were very “snappy” in responsiveness on this system. CS6 Bridge works fine on my laptop, perfectly responsive.

Once Camera RAW or Photoshop are open, no issue working in these tools, so, the issue is bridge.

Here’s my debugging steps which have not worked to fix the issue:
1. Installed the latest camera RAW plug in from Nikon. Nikon D800 RAW .NEF files work in windows explorer and in CS5.5.
2. Installed all windows updates
3. Installed the lastest nvidia FX5800 card drivers
4. Uninstalled all Adobe products (reader, media player, etc.)
5. Uninstalled all plugs ins (HDR, noise, etc.)
6. Checked there are no fonts on the system (no TTF files)
7. Uninstalled Office 2013 to make sure there were no system font issues.
8. Uninstalled all Nikon software except the RAW plug in.
9. Deleted C:\Program Files\Adobe and C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe
10. Searched for any Adobe reference in c:\Users\\ (example AppData), and deleted it.
11. Cleaned the registry of any reference to Adobe or any dll related to Adobe or an Adobe plug in.
12. Rebooted multiple times.
13. Re-installed CS6 Master Collection.
a. At this point it did not recognize my raw photos (.NEF from a Nikon D800).
14. Installed all Adobe Updates.
a. The updates fixed the camera raw issue
b. Ran FontTest.jsx – all fonts passed, none failed.
15. Tried Preferences:
a. Advanced -> Use Software Rendering : CPU utilization went up, but, no impact on the lag
b. Startup Scripts : Disabled all but Photoshop CS6
c. Increased Cache Size, Compacted Cache, Purged Cache

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have same problem as Stephen in Bridge CS6 and dont know what to do :(
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Bob Brennan

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I installed a new OS (Win8x64), installed the RAW codec, the nVidia updates, and then CS6 master collection, and it works now. Pretty extreme solution :(.

I think the root problem was clicking the "arrow" on the top of my photo collection such that it showed all images from all subfolders. There was something in the collection which hung it up, and I could not purge with a re-install of the app.

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I also have had the same problem after installing the update. I thought it was because I am running a UHD monitor. But get very slow responses on the old monitor as well. It takes about 4 seconds to display an image after hitting the spacebar. I have found no solution.
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Try resetting Bridge preferences.  Hold <CTRL> while restarting Bridge.
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I have tried everything. Every suggestion made on numerous occasions. Nothing works. Bridge is now unworkable for me. It takes 5 hours to do one hours work.
My old computer, slow as it is, does the job many times faster because bridge was not updated on that computer. I will just have to use it.