Camera Raw: Ability to permanently crop an image for smaller raw file sizes

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The Nikon d800 in default FX format produces 36 megapixel NEF files sized from 21 to over 50mb, depending on settings. You can crop in camera, before taking the picture, using DX and other formats instead of the normal FX, resulting in smaller files. I don't like to do this, because it is another setting to think about in the field, and in wildlife photography you often have little time to think.

Instead I would like to be able to permanently crop in Lightroom, perhaps even in ACR, to reduce storage needs of RAW images. I understand that this violates the principle of Lightroom in not making anything permanent. The command would have to have a different name like "Slash" or "Shrivel" or "Shrink".
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Not quite what you're looking for Bryan, but have you looked at the new Lossy DNG format? The file sizes are considerably smaller, with most of the flexibility of the original raw file. You'd have to test it thoroughly to check you're completely happy with the trade offs, but you may end up keeping your best shots as lossless and the not-quite-such-good-ones as the new lossy format.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Compressed DNG - Optionally save cropped and rotated image.

I understand the compressed DNGs to be similar to JPEG but with better capabilities to change the color later.

Images which are not so important that I want to save the huge RAW, I would like to convert to compressed DNG. The rotation and cropping should be applied though - this would reduce the file size for certain images a lot and even provide better quality for the rotation. It would also make sense to optionally downscale the images (unless they are already cropped). I could imaging it would make sense to uniformly select a resolution of 8,12,16,20,24 megapixels, if I already know, that this images will be never be printed "huge".

Yes, I can do this all with an export to JPEG, but there the WB setting is applied.

Smartpreviews provide some of the features mentioned above, but their resolution and compression can not be customized and they are stored at an anonymous subfolder, similar to any other cache file. So they just mean that the technology is there, but cannot be directly utilized.

I hope such a feature makes it into LightRoom 6
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Camera Raw & DNG: Please add the ability to save a DNG with the cropped pixels di....

Really the topic says it all.