Photoshop: Better Tabs (with more "features")

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My co-worker and I (and I would assume the majority of tabbed Photoshop users), agree that the tabs are a huge improvement over the older versions of Photoshop. But it doesn't appear a whole lot has changed with CS6. And change is what the tabs need.

Firstly, simply put, they need to work more like a browser works. Spend a day in Google Chrome and then try to use Photoshop's tabbing system. So many features are missing from Photoshop's tabs. Re-arranging tabs is possible, but quite cumbersome. If I accidentally pull a tab out of the row, it's hard to put it back into place. I can't simply drag one tab all the way to the left. I have to carefully make sure it doesn't come out of the row while I'm doing it.

Also, the tabs should shrink horizontally when there are a lot of them. Having to click the "expand" arrows to see all the tabs is quite annoying. The tabs could definitely decrease in width even more, when more tabs are present. Or even give the option to stack the tabs into multiple rows. At the very least, if I do click the expand arrow to reveal the other tabs, it would be useful to be able to drag a tab out of the list and in between the other "visible" tabs.

Lastly (for now), there really needs to be a feature that allows me to right-click on a tab and then click "close all other tabs".

Surely Photoshop's tabs were inspired my browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, so please make it work like a user would expect. Thanks!
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Posted 7 years ago

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The tab bar is the worst thing about Photoshop

The tab bar needs to allow dragging and dropping from external sources more easily.. as it sits, you can only drag & drop the tiniest little square on the far right if your tab bar is full.. and its hard to find most of the time

There should be a thin bar section above the tabs that runs the length of the tab bar, that you can drag & drop items to

And Tabs are impossible to find.. what if you dont know the name of an open image? and you have 30 open images?

literally impossible to find

scrolling your mouse wheel up & down whilst hovering over the tab bar should scroll through all tabs left & right, as fast as you scroll.. that should definitely be in Preferences, if not Default

or even a Ctrl+Mouse-click+Drag left or right to get that lazy immobile tab bar doing something useful